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Help- 5 weeks in and no weight loss

Hello. Been here before and the wisdom in this group is great so asking.

Calorie counting for 5 weeks. Measure most of the time. Exercising 5- 6 times/week. 3 times treadmill or cardio video's (online), 3 times weights. Anywhere from 30 mins to 60 mins.

42 years of age. No health issues.

I have lost inches and not weight.

Last time your advice helped immensely! Please provide some guidance. Journal is open.


  • JRuby828
    JRuby828 Posts: 3 Member
    Just keep going - takes time but you will do it! Be Patient! I never lose till month 2
  • spyro88
    spyro88 Posts: 472 Member
    If you are losing inches then you know you are doing something right... sometimes it just takes time. Keep going and as janejellyroll said, check your calories are truly accurate, it's amazing how off you can be if you try to estimate.
  • phoolonkirani
    phoolonkirani Posts: 14 Member
    Thank you everyone. Will be measuring everything going forward!
  • Avidkeo
    Avidkeo Posts: 3,190 Member
    edited February 2021
    I agree with others. Weigh EVERYTHING. the difference is incredible.

    And prepackaged portions are likely to be off as well. I ear chocolate every day. 2 squares are supposed to be 10 grams. When I weigh them they are often 12-15g. And when you are talking a calorie dense food like chocolate, that's a big difference.

    I keep my scales on the bench, and I weigh everything. My husband has gotten used to this now. It's just what I do. And I've lost 4kg (nearly 10lb) since the beginning of the year (500 calorie deficit per day)

    Additionally, you may want to consider using a weight trend app. I use libra. Looking at the trend is really useful. For example, since the first of February my weight appears to have only dropped by 200g, or half a lb, but when I look at the trend, I've lost 1kg or 2.2lb. It makes a huge difference looking at the trend!
  • duxlady
    duxlady Posts: 18 Member
    Are you sure the scale is correct?
  • ninerbuff
    ninerbuff Posts: 48,750 Member
    lgfrie wrote: »
    Measuring to the gram can make a huge difference. If you're not losing weight, that should be the first item on the to-do list. Not necessarily the last item, but a very good first item.

    Yesterday my wife and I tried a little experiment. We made dinner using the calories off the package. For example, we had a pack of gnocchi which says 600 cals on the package (but also gives the cals per 28 grams). To that we added a whole bunch of stuff, every thing of which had calorie for the whole container/package/cup but also by grams. Tomato bruschetta, a big turkey sausage, etc.

    Going by the simple calorie totals per package, the calories per person for the meal was 721, right in line with what we want to see for our dinner calories.

    Then we did all the calories to the gram. Total calories: 944.

    As one example of where things went awry, the "600 calories" of gnocchi was actually 693 calories.

    Separate from that, I have a bag of tostada chips that say 60 calories each but, by weight, they are closer to 90.

    Weigh everything to the gram if you're not losing weight but otherwise feel like you're dieting correctly. It'll make a difference.
    Also mentioning that if you're adding extra grams of carbs, you'll be adding 4 grams of water per 1 gram of carbs.
    So if you're over by 50 grams on carbs, that's 200 grams of water or over 7 ounces. And that may matter on a scale. if you're diligent about keeping weight down.

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    Kickboxing Certified Instructor
    Been in fitness for 30 years and have studied kinesiology and nutrition


  • n95girl
    n95girl Posts: 10 Member
    keto. I have lost 44kg of fat from keto alone and now I am muscle building. I still could lose 1 more dress size in fat but am pretty happy with the results. I am wearing size 10 from a size 22/24