Diet and work-out marketing - so much nonsense out there

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Anyone else get pissed off at diet/work-out marketing?

My BF works out based on Athlean-X videos, so I thought I'd check out their work-outs myself and I ended up going through their 'program selector'.
At a certain point, it asks "man or woman" and then proceeds to ask me if I'm interested in a program designed specifically for women? Against my better judgment (I'm allergic to workouts aimed at women :p ) I clicked on the link.

This is what greets me:


Hm, yeah, not a good start.
But wait, it gets worse...


It's a miracle I've lost 56 lbs apparently, based on these two 'facts' :o

So now my blood pressure is up and I still don't have a proper work-out program :D


  • SuzySunshine99
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    They tell people what they want to hear in order to make money.
    People want to hear that there's a SUPER-EASY, minimal-effort way to lose weight.

    Although you got me curious...what is "nutrient fusion"? I mean, if it's "scientifically backed", it must be good, right? :D
  • Caralarma
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    Oh my word... that last point in particular is such a myth 😡 I literally lost weight when I stopped forcing myself to eat breakfast
  • Lietchi
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    Although you got me curious...what is "nutrient fusion"? I mean, if it's "scientifically backed", it must be good, right? :D

    Yeah, I was curious too, but 'surprisingly' not many details are given regarding the scientific basis of this nutrient fusion or what it even is :D
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    Wow. I think I hate this more than those "Trainers Hate Him" memes lmao

  • goal06082021
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    You especially gotta love the specific admonishments NOT to do the one thing that is guaranteed to work if done properly. That's how they getcha, sort of like how all of Cosmo's sex and dating tips are terrible and virtually designed to keep you single, so you keep buying Cosmo to figure out what you're doing wrong.