700 calories over goal today, and dinner is yet to come🙄😏

Not sure why I am off plan today and yesterday. 2 days in a row I've craved crap takeout food and gave in. Not only does my body feel yuk after I eat it, but then it ruins my calorie allowance for the day.

So we went to Red Lobster for lunch and I logged my meal well in advance. Got there and found out they have a limited menu and ordering last minute while assuming ruined my calorie goal for the day.
Lesson learned....I need to jusy eat at home.


  • BethCW2963
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    We all have days like this! Just gotta forge ahead and get back on track. You got this! :)
  • ninerbuff
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    As long as you don't consistently do it, a day or 2 off isn't going to kill your weight loss journey. The HOPE is that you are being aware of HOW you may have gotten overweight and address it.

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    This is an opportunity. Log everything and move on. In the big picture, the numbers for one meal or even one day don’t really matter. But your process always matters so be sure to log it.

    And don’t draw the wrong conclusion. You can’t live hiding in the house. Looks like you did everything right but things didn’t work out because of circumstances beyond your control.

    The good news is that calorie counting does not have to be perfect to work. Stuff happens. Keep going.