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Would love help💖

RayeT42RayeT42 Member Posts: 2 Member Member Posts: 2 Member
I've lost and gained so many times. This last time I got down to my smallest weight ever since before 5th grade. 165lbs I've been going through really stressful life events one after another and gave up on my self. I'm up to 195lbs and I know if I don't get control now I'll get back to 250 or maybe more. I'm looking for someone to help me stay on track and motivate me everyday I will do the same in return. Always nice to have new friends especially ones who understand what your going through 💗


  • MamakatspokaneMamakatspokane Member Posts: 3,105 Member Member Posts: 3,105 Member
    I'm maintaining and toning now. BUt started at over 200lbs and had started a million times before and succeed and then gained it back. This time was my heavest! Set small goals,don't do anything you can't maintatin forever. If eating healthy all week and then having a cheat day is what works then do it! If you can eat Keto forever, then do it! Lose weight while feeling like your still living your life really helps! Feel free to add me, I can always use more friends and help!
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