I need help! PLEASE?

Hello people how are you? As for me, I have been better! I Have quite a few different health issues and some of them cause me to get sick and I'm in a lot of pain mostly all the time because of it and because of my health conditions I have lost my appetite and have gone from weighing about 150 lbs. down to 97.6 lbs.! Some of my health conditions are type 1 Diabetes, Gastroparesis, and I.B.S. and the gastroparesis and the I.B.S. cause a combination of constipation and diarrhea which both cause me pain and I'm having so much trouble trying to gain weight and I just can't do it. So far nothing is helping. I have talked to different doctors for help and they are not helping any, I don't know what to do anymore I'm out of ideas can anyone help. I don't want to die young I'm only 35yrs. old and I'm married with children so I can't die young my family/KIDS need me! Can anyone help me please? Thank you. Oh ya I'm COVID free!!!!!! I hope y'all are too, STAY SAFE EVERYONE!!!!!!


  • Vegetadad
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    Manage your stress! The bulk of what you have listed can be improved, at least partially, by letting things go and seeing the positive in life. Even the diabetes can be better managed by being happy and okay with how you manage your numbers. Stress is a real heath concern.
  • ej_maries
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    Well hello there fellow IBS sufferer! Part of why I joined is because I wanted to get better control of my gut issues. First off, what have you tried and what are your docs saying? My have seen a GI specialist and an allergist. Currently am working on a low FODMAP diet, you might check into it. Feel free to add me! I'm up for chatting and helping if I can. Sending ❤️
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    You're going to need to feel confident in your healthcare team for these issues. If not the current people on your team, then it might be appropriate to start asking for second, third (or multiple) opinions to get the right people around you... with advice that you'll follow