How to manage stress

Take a walk


  • MaltedTea
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    Increase resiliency
  • am0000r
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    Keep busy,
  • WaterLily82
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    I have honestly found that exercise really does improve your mood! Go figure! And here I was think it was Ben & Jerry’s this whole time 🤣 When I finish at the gym I feel a hundred pounds lighter! Not physically but emotionally. I’ve always hated working out, getting sweaty, feeling breathless...and I still do...but I also know how I’ll feel AFTER!
  • rosebarnalice
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    I love the Navy SEAL "tactical breathing" technique. It just takes a few minutes and it really works!
  • Vegetadad
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    I typically grab a handful of yumm yumms (any type) and eat them with ice cream and sauce... What? I'm trying to stop. : )
  • ej_maries
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    I find drawing helps me a lot. Or sending time with my fur baby, cuddles help lol
  • am00r
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    Meditate, 5 minutes could change everything
  • ninerbuff
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    ALWAYS take an hour for YOURSELF each day. Doesn't matter how you do it and what you do as long as it's for you. Also, practice not worrying about things you have NO CONTROL over.

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    Enjoy some nature, nothing helps me destress better than the sound of the sea crashing on a mostly empty beach or being surrounded by majestic mountains/hills. Really misaing both at the moment whilst lockdown has us restricted to 5km in the city suburbs.