What keeps motivating you?



  • girlwithcurls2
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    I agree with posters encouraging you to keep trying the CPAP. Not only are you sleep deprived, but your heart is on limited time without it. I knew I had sleep apnea since my 20s, but thought that as long as it was really only 1-2x/year that I woke up feeling like someone was drowning me, it couldn't be that bad. I could not have been more wrong. FFW 20+ years, and I found out what it's really doing for me. I have a love/hate relationship with the thing. Some nights I feel like I'm struggling to not be wrapped up in the hose. Other nights, I don't notice it. Some nights, I cannot get the mask comfortable, other nights, it's not an issue. My husband uses one too, so one thing I did was to sleep with one ear plug in and my other ear to my pillow.

    I did notice was that good sleep had a cumulative effect: if I got a good sleep, I had a pretty good day, which led to good sleep at night. I also depend on regular physical activity to make sure that my body is good and tired when I lie down. I would keep trying. That thing is trying to save your life.

    FWIW, neither my husband nor myself is more than 10 lbs over an ideal weight. No matter how much weight we lose, we won't "lose" the CPAP. It's for life.

    Good luck. And please reconsider :heart:
  • brenn24179
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    My motivation is I appreciate feeling great! Dont want to go back there 40 lbs heavier, I felt miserable, I am short and it really showed. I love being able to wear my clothes.
  • ej_maries
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    Right now a big motivation for me is that it is my last year in my twenties...
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    I'm on a maintenance cycle. Have maintained for several years but often plump up a bit in autumn so work on losing it when the days get longer - literally a few pounds. There are years it's got away from me before I sort it out, my knees hurt and I feel it when I walk uphill, as I'm hypermobile and live somewhere hilly. Pain avoidance is a great motivator.
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    My motivator is my health. I was diagnosed with pre diabetes a year ago. I have lost 31 pounds and work out nearly every day. I see my doctor in a couple of weeks and I am anxious to hear my numbers now. If nothing else I feel much better, I am not in pain like I used to be. I believe the reduction in pain is at least in part due to the reduction in sugar. I find if I over indulge with sugar I have pain and stomach issues.
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    I started because I didn't want to be dead by the time I was 60 in less than another twenty years but I forgot how great it makes you feel too and that feeling of loose shirts is awesome. What keeps me motivated now is reaching that goal of getting back to my old weight of 180 and that feeling of accomplishment every single day when I stay under my daily calorie goal. What a win it is when you don't eat horrible food that you used to eat constantly.
  • CatholicCurtis
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    ej_maries wrote: »
    Right now a big motivation for me is that it is my last year in my twenties...

    My baby sister is turning 30 in June. Where does the time go? :'(
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    To be honest, my motivation for losing fat and building some muscle isnt much more than vanity, wanting to look better physically. Or the competitive aspect of performance in a running race or triathlon. In my brain, I know it will result in me living a longer, healthier life. But I also don't rely on motivation on a day to day basis. I rely on establishment of routines and habits that create those results.
  • iFartMagic
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    My motivation is how I used to feel. I remember clearly how it felt to be 140 lbs, and I miss it. Pregnancy messed me up good - twice. I hit 150, and getting pregnant skyrocketed me to 235. I got back down to my start weight, AND GOT PREGNANT AGAIN!
    Well, I'm back to 157 and I'm very motivated to lose another 17 lbs. I know it is within reach and I'm determined! 💪
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    i am now size 32, but i keep my size 40 pants hanging in my closet. and my old belt full of holes that i made during weight loss. reminds me of the times that i cant tie my shoes anymore. and the times that i felt breathless going up to my apartment on the 5th floor. and the times that i can hear my loud heartbeat every time i am at rest. every time i see my old pants and belt, i remind myself, never again