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When you are exercising or working out do you listen to music? If so what type of music do you listen to or what artist do you listen to? I find music very uplifting and can get you in the beat to keep going!


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    I have a gym in my shop, decked out with sound and a TV. I used to watch movies while doing cardio (something with action as I noticed I would inadvertently push harder during action scenes). However, I find I push even harder with pounding music. So, music it is. Probably too loud. Okay, I know it's too loud, but we live in the country, so no one is complaining. My Pandora workout station is seeded with Tool (the new/newer stuff), Queens of the Stone Age, Ukle, Kasabian, with some Nirvana and Social D tossed in for good measure. Pandora generally does a good job filling in the rest with Filter, Muse, and the like. (although sometimes I wonder if their algorithms have mini strokes when TV on the Radio comes on, for example). Tool has so many meter changes and insane time signatures throughout many of their tunes, it naturally creates a situation where I'm mixing up my strides without even thinking about it (of course, you'll end up in a hospital if you try and time your strides with their time signatures). Kind of a passive cardio HIIT through music. Definitely feel like I won the Cardio Lottery when Pneuma or Schism come on. I sometimes play the same while strength training, but not always. Certainly does not have the same effect with strength training.
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    At home, yes. Mostly put on Matchbox Twenty, Eminem, No Doubt, and The Offspring.
    At the gym, whatever the gym has on. If they have nothing on, I don't listen to music. Earphones/headphones hurt my ears.
    For me, music doesn't really motivate me to go "harder". I'll have the same workout with or without music.
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    I have a full gym in my basement so I am lucky.
    I listen to Marty Robbins, Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash on YouTube - yes they are old, but I need something where I need to concentrate and keep me working out - and they are really good
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    My wife and I share the gym at our house, so we share the music as well. When we lift or do cardio together, it’s usually to something a bit tame (Imagine Dragons, Maroon 5, Muse). If I am working out on my own, it depends on the intensity of the workout. I like metal on upper body days and hard cardio days (Death Punch, Disturbed, Volbeat, Metallica, Priestess). On leg days I like some country music with a kick (Chris Stapleton, Bros Osbourne, Luke Combs).

    If the kids are in the gym with us, it’s Disney Princess tunes!
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    Definitely listen to music when I'm working out. I prefer driving, rock oriented songs just to get the adrenaline going, but I have an eclectic taste in music, so if "shuffle" is turned on it might go from Metallica to Maynard Ferguson to Chris Stapleton in a matter of minutes. I used to play drums, so sometimes I catch myself playing along while I'm on the elliptical or treadmill - burn a couple more calories that way.
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    i cant workout without music.

    listen to what you enjoy. what makes you happy and want to move?

    What I enjoy may not be someone else's cup of tea, and vice versa.
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    Music is essential for me when I workout. I usually listen to K-Pop because I like fun, upbeat, high energy songs. Also because I'm a Koreaboo lmao