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Diet in your 60's.



  • petsounds23
    petsounds23 Posts: 5 Member
    Yes! It has been much harder at 64 than when I was younger. Our metabolisms naturally slow down. Women who go through menopause lose hormones and tend to squire belly fat that we have never had before. And just the fact that our bodies are older makes it harder to do some exercises. All these are contributors.
  • junedave3
    junedave3 Posts: 36 Member
    yes i am a jogger. and i do enjoy it thanks everyone .
  • springlering62
    springlering62 Posts: 7,965 Member
    @lorrpb that profile pic says everything!
  • whoami67
    whoami67 Posts: 297 Member
    I think it's become harder and slower with each decade.
  • mk820820
    mk820820 Posts: 49 Member
    I started at 63 years old. 12 months later I had lost 89 lbs. 4 1/2 months after that, present day, I am stuck 2 lbs. away from my 100 lb. goal.
    Basic CICO. 1000-1200 daily. Walking is the only exercise I do.
    I consider myself in maintenance now and walk and eat about 1350 cal. Log food everyday.
  • Onedaywriter
    Onedaywriter Posts: 326 Member
    For me it’s not harder but definitely requires more intention. When I was younger I was getting a lot of Non-exercise energy expenditure- just from lifestyle. I was always moving- in weekends never sedentary. Hanging with friends might be at a basketball court or park or beach- moving. Now it’s sitting around a table and talking.
    Now I have to do planned things - gym/running/cycling etc to expend calories