Dry Beans - bulk cooking

I had 271 grams of dried pinto beans and when cooked it was 857 grams of cooked beans. How can I create an entry to measure correctly in grams individual servings


  • MsCzar
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    I count my dried pinto beans as 3.33 calories per gram. So whether they were cooked or not, it would total around 900 calories. Do you know how many servings you would get out of the finished dish? When I make chili, I add the calorie totals of the other ingredients and portion it into 1 pint containers (475 ml). One pot of chili yields about 5 pints.
  • rosebarnalice
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    I use the recipe builder for beans. I add the dry weight if the beans, any additional ingredients (onion, carrot, celery, etc) and then weigh the final result, and use the finished weight as the number of servings.

    In your example, I'd tell the recipe builder the recipe make 857 servings. Then if I eat 150 grams, I'll enter that I ate 150 servings.
  • AnnPT77
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    Another, less precise option is to log it with the (originally USDA sourced) database entry "Beans - pinto, cooked, boiled, with salt", changing the drop-down quantity to grams. (There's also a without-salt version.)

    I'm usually strong for better precision, but I make huge batches of plain, cooked dried beans and freeze them. Keeping track of the batches got annoying, so I started logging them with the USDA entries. It's been working fine for 5+ years now, even though I admit it's less precise . . . mainly because of the potential for varied amounts of water in the beans. But it's an option.
  • dmkoenig
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    If you know many servings are in the 857 grams of cooked beans you end up with, then its easy enough to divide the 271 grams of dried beans by the number of servings. You'll always want to first determine servings based on the state you consume them in (i.e. cooked) and then apply that serving number to the amount of dried product you started with.