Cycling with a Garmin watch

This wasn't possible the last time I checked, but that was a while ago. Before I go digging into it maybe somebody knows off the top of their head.

Is it possible to get a Garmin watch to upload an activity as road cycling instead of just cycling? I know the Edge units can do it, maybe it's buried in the menu somewhere?

I do some gravel riding too and I like being able to know how many miles of each.


  • dmkoenig
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    Garmin watches can be set up to upload all their data to, where you can see all your ride data - distance, speed, map location of your rides. Garmin's roots were in developing GPS devices so distance is a basic feature they all have. Details for the specific device you have or are interested in would be in the user guides available online. I have a Garmin Triathlon watch and can set it up to track 20+ different activities, not only biking but running, kayaking, swimming etc. They are really good at this stuff.
  • dolorsit
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    My Garmin 945 has activities for Bike or MTB and uploads them to Garmin Connect as Cycling or Mountain Biking. I recently bought an Edge 830 and that uploads as Road Cycling or Mountain Biking.
  • tbilly20
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    Wondering if you could create a custom activity profile around the bike you want to keep track of? I looked on my Fenix and it seems possible. That way you can select your gravel profile specifically when you ride that bike.
  • VegasFit
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    I believe the answer is yes. Under my Garmin Connect account I have my road, mountain and Echelon listed. I choose bike for outdoor activites and indoor Cycle for Echelon.
  • Sportertje354
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    Check out Komoot, it works with some Garmin models, and tracks the different road surfaces and stuff