anyone else using video games to work out?



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    Hey I also love Just Dance! When I do play it for an extended amount of time I'll totally count it as my workout for the day. I also get lots of enjoyment from Ring Fit Adventure. Try not to let your coworker get into your head, if you're moving, breaking a sweat and having fun it definitely counts. If you ever want a friend to tune into world dance floor with, I'm your girl.
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    Back when I still had the Xbox 360 hooked up and before realizing the the Kinect was a huge failure for Microsoft, I played a lot of Dance Central, Dance Central 2, and Dance Central 3. It had a couple of achievements that I was interested in unlocking, which was neat (i.e. track and burn at least 100 calories in any mode, set a weekly fitness goal and achieve it, play three weekends in a row, start a party before midnight and play until morning, play a custom playlist at least 15 minutes long).

    I don't really do it any more though. I hear good things about Ring Fit Adventures, but I only have a Switch Lite and the experience is subpar on it compared to a normal Switch from what I hear. I work up a surprising amount of sweat from the few times I've played Beat Saber from friends' VR equipment, but I don't own VR myself and am not interested enough in it to warrant a purchase.
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    A while back I saw a YouTube review of a game on an old version of Wii using the balance board that made me wonder if getting a used one would help me improve my balance. My balance has always been terrible - I tilt when tired (a friend watching me says I walk like a drunk st sometimes.... veering off the path in the snow and occasionally veering in the other direction to avoid a tree) and have had close calls for many decades, but let’s just say it hasn’t improved with age. I do better if I get more steps, though, and diligently do a few minutes of yoga warmup stretches every day.

    Has anyone had experience with particular Wii or other video games that might be good for improving balance?

    The game is called Wii Fit. I had it back in the late aughts/early teens. It does give IMO good feedback for improving balance and posture, although I don't have a balance disorder. There are parts of the game where you need to stand still on the board and keep your center of balance in a particular place, it gives you visual feedback in real time. It might be worth trying if you can find all the equipment (Wii console + Wiimotes, balance board, copy of Wii Fit).
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    I LOVE Just Dance and along with dance videos on youtube it's one of my main forms of exercise.

    For some of the slower songs, it gets my heart rate up about the same level as walking. But many songs get my heart rate right up!

    I spent some time playing around with different songs to see what I liked and then I used the playlist function to make up a bunch of playlists with active songs (I usually start with a slower one for a warm up). This reduces the time between songs.
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    I’m just trying to get back into it now, but years ago to get into workouts I also used the Kinect and the game Your Shape Fitness Evolved. It’s been ten years since I’ve played that game routinely and I still miss it! Now I have my switch, and at times playZumba, Just Dance, Ring Fit Adventure and Fitness Boxing, but they’re not quite the same. I like them, but I do miss my Kinect!
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    I've been playing Just Dance for years but my fiancé bought me JD2021 for Christmas and it's been my main form of exercise during lockdown. I've lost just over 30lbs just by playing it for about 30 mins a day while he's on his Xbox; it's definitely is a workout so your colleague is wrong about that! Especially if you're going for the harder songs and really giving it your all and not just swaying the controller around. Although it is predominantly cardio so you could always add in weight training later if you feel like it?

    Obviously my loss was helped by diet and the fact I had (and still have!) quite a bit of weight to lose but personally, I consider it a great form of exercise. It's fun, a great stress reliever & it's provided a great soundtrack to my fiancé when he's playing Call of Duty 😂 If you're enjoying it, that's the main thing. As long as it doesn't become a chore for you, keep playing it!