Good choice for butter?



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    Butter here, and actually more ghee than butter, if I have to be honest. Not because it's "healthier" (it's not), but because I love curry and the flavor just isn't the same without the ghee in some of them. Usually it ends up breaking down to no more than a tablespoon or less per serving, so I don't think it's that big of a deal.
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    Right now I don't use anything. There is no substitute for butter. I can make something almost like gravy using broth and a bit of cornstarch. I haven't had pancakes in 6 months, but I would just skip the butter and go right for the sugar free syrup. I have oatmeal now and then and I do miss butter in that, but I make do with a splash of milk and a tsp of brown sugar.
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    Butter for potatoes in smaller amounts.

    I don’t eat pancakes, but use sugar free syrup on my waffles.

    I have a great nonstick pan for frying eggs that does a great job without anything.
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    I'm not a huge butter person in the first place, but I'd use butter if that was what I really wanted.

    I prefer baked potatoes with seasoned nonfat Greek yogurt and maybe other fillings (chevre is delish, veggies, etc.). On pancakes waffles, or French toast, I prefer nonfat Greek yogurt and fruit, homemade fruit syrup (thawed frozen berries, maybe lightly sweetened depending on the berries), or just the yogurt with honey, real maple syrup, and/or peanut butter powder. For French toast, I also like savory versions, such as black beans, sweet corn and salsa.

    On hot dinner rolls or mashed potatoes, I prefer butter, and would use that.

    I know it's heresy, but I don't particularly like toast, so rarely eat it. When I do, I'd prefer apple butter if available, but otherwise butter and jam/jelly.
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    I always use Air Fryer, which helps me avoid using the butter when cooking the potato/french fries. And the non-stick pan helps me to avoid using oil when making pancakes or something else. But I think we can have some butter like 5g (or substitute with 5g vegan butter maybe?) because they are not bad fat right?
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    Butter got a bad rap as a consequence of some bad science, now dispelled. The science moved from condemning butter to essentially neutral since butter promotes both good and bad cholesterol. And, to make matters even more cloudy, there is declining support for the science that dietary cholesterol matter at all.

    So, unless one has a cardiologist who has made an actual diagnosis of arterial plaque and recommends against butter, everything else is superstition and the legacy of bad science.

    I started reducing my saturated fat in December and this has made a significant difference in a non-cardiac medical condition. I'll spare you the details ;)

    To replace butter, I mostly switched to olive oil. I use it for vegetables and dip French-type bread in it. I haven't had pancakes since then, but would consider an Earth Balance type thing for those if I ate them regularly. (I haven't looked up the sat fat in that yet.)

    For baked potatoes, I use reduced-fat sour cream now.
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    I like butter on certain foods but concerned about the saturated fat. I've looked at margarines, but have heard they are highly processed and have questionable ingredients. Most of the ones I've read the labels for have some type of oil. What does everyone use to butter their baked potatoes, pancakes, etc.?

    Oils have some sat fat but it is considerably less than that in butter. For example, EVOO has 2 g sat fat per T vs butter's 7 g.

    I reduce sat fat by prelogging meals and seeing what I can sub to reduce. Giving up cheese and butter was the biggest factor. I am also eating considerably less red meat and fatty pork.
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    Kerry Gold Irish Butter
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    Concern about saturated fats is old incorrect science foisted on the public to explain (without scientific predicate) an increase in coronary heart disease in the second half of the 20th century.

    Nothing prevents people from marching to this old tune any more than throwing salt over the shoulder or rubbing a potato on a wart. But promoting it is another thing. To the casual observer, one would think butter is not good for you beyond it's calorie density. That is just not true.
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    I just use butter, or lurpak spreadable if I want something for toast without having the forethought to get the butter out to soften.