Moms of 3 kids, looking to lose 50lbs



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    hi guys how do I send a friend request? Im new on mfp. I have two girls, and I have around 50lbs to lose.x
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    hi guys how do I send a friend request? Im new on mfp. I have two girls, and I have around 50lbs to lose.x

    U can click on the persons name, pic and then there is a button with 2 people. Click that and it should send a request. There might be an easier way but I haven't found it yet. Lol
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    Hi Kristi and all,

    For added motivation, consider joining my new challenge beginning January 4th. Trying to build a community of people looking to keep each other accountable at the start of the new year...

    Feel free to add me as a friend here too!

    Find it at this link:
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    Hi! Mom of four with 40lbs to lose. I’ve started and quit so many times, but I’m ready to recommit. Feel free to add me!
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    Hi there . I am mom to 3 and need to lose closer to 80 pounds. I understand the struggles of weight gain since the pandemic started. I moved during the beginning of covid, started a new job, and put on all of the weight i had previously lose. I'm looking for like minded moms as friends. maybe we can help motivate each other and hold each other accountable. Feel free to add me 😊
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    Mom to one but on the journey if anyone wants to connect. :)
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    Mom of 3 here too! Trying to get motivated. I'd like to lose at least 30-40 pounds. Just did my first at home work out. Im pooped! How do you guys find time to work out with the kids?

    Involve/incorporate your kids in your workouts! I used to take them to school by bike, switched to walking (with an extra loop whenever possible). We also try to go for a long walk with the kids during te weekend (pushing a stroller is extra exercise!!), take bike-rides or go swimming with your kids. My eldest (5 years old) rides his bike beside me when I go for a run (5-10k).
    It is also ok to take time to exercise. We moms tend to always put our families first, but it is allowed to put yourself first for a few hours a week ;)...

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    Also a mom of one! Always looking for new friends to keep me accountable!
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    Mom of three here, looking to lose 25+ lbs! Feel free to add me!