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Pamela Reif

dremilymayadremilymaya Member Posts: 11 Member Member Posts: 11 Member
Has anyone done any Pamela Reif videos on YouTube? I'm restarting a fitness drive, for the gazillionth time since covid lockdown, and so far everything I've tried has failed dramatically.
I've been looking for something new that is more up my street and I've come across Pamela Reif on YouTube. I've found her weekly fitness plan on her Instagram and it seems quite good! I've done my first day of it today and enjoyed it, feeling quite positive about this.
Was wondering if anyone else has done her workouts and how you found them/did you get good results?



  • ninerbuffninerbuff Member, Greeter Posts: 45,129 Member Member, Greeter Posts: 45,129 Member
    Seems her workouts focus a lot on abs, core and some glutes. And having chiseled abs is more about diet and not exercise, but a lot of fitness people steer people into thinking it's about the workouts. Her "HIIT" is actually more standard interval training than actual HIIT.
    I'm sure though like most Youtube fitness people, they have their followings due to their personalities and how their workouts might fit for people who enjoy the music, etc.

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  • Theoldguy1Theoldguy1 Member Posts: 1,875 Member Member Posts: 1,875 Member
    Never heard of her but looking at her website there is no mention of any formal training/education in exercise/nutrition. She just works out and looks hot on the internet.

  • Sportertje354Sportertje354 Member, Premium Posts: 38 Member Member, Premium Posts: 38 Member
    Yes, I have. Love some of her work

    The timing of the excercises, and the pace. Also like how she explains excercices.

    Some aerobic, and online, workouts by others I feel are just too much or high pace, her tempo fits me

    I don't use her for all my workouts, but some she is my fav
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