42 pounds so far (Pics!)

jenna2cu Posts: 35 Member
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Hello all! I have been on and off weight loss journeys for as long as I can remember. The only difference now is I am doing it for BOTH my health and appearance, not just my appearance! I have just turned 29 and am making it my goal to be in my best health ever by the time I turn 30 next February! I started at the end of July 2020 and am here today in March 2021 at 42 pounds lost. I’m hoping by June I can hit 60, but I don’t mind the slow steady loss! MyFitnessPal is always a huge help when I am trying to lose, and I love seeing everyone else in the community and their success too!


  • tena1028
    tena1028 Posts: 80 Member
    Congrats on your loss! You look fabulous!
  • simontonkl9571
    simontonkl9571 Posts: 1 Member
    Way to go! Your hard work is paying off! :)
  • Littlepeeper
    Littlepeeper Posts: 56 Member
    You look incredible! Thank you for sharing.
  • DarlaJL82
    DarlaJL82 Posts: 58 Member
    Congratulations! You look great 👍
  • carolminnich
    carolminnich Posts: 4 Member
    WOW!! Congratulations so far. You were lovely before, but your eyes and your lovely smile and dimples really show up on your more slender face. Keep going!!! You're really doing great.
  • Janatki
    Janatki Posts: 730 Member
    Congratulations! You’re looking smiley & fit, & as Carolminnich says, we’re lovely before & now looking even lovelier.
  • Nvr2L82BGr8
    Nvr2L82BGr8 Posts: 26 Member
    Congratulations on your weight loss. You look amazing! Thanks for sharing and providing inspiration to us who are just embarking on their journey.
  • Peacelily70x7
    Peacelily70x7 Posts: 483 Member
    You look great! I bet you have a lot more energy.. and like everyone else said, you "do" have beautiful eyes and smile!
  • Keena206
    Keena206 Posts: 4 Member
    Woohoo! You look amazing! Great job!
  • jmary2133
    jmary2133 Posts: 1 Member
    Fantastic! I've just started using this app once more. This time I have a toddler and need to lose 65lbs. It's me and my little one most times. The community section is so wonderful and post like this super encouraging. Thanks!
  • tifcon2
    tifcon2 Posts: 2 Member
  • dianntaylortoo
    dianntaylortoo Posts: 2 Member
    Congratulations!!!!! I've also lost 42 pounds. I thought I had a round face, now that I've lost weight, my face also looks more oval. We're on a great road to success. I'm going to be rooting for you!!!!!
  • NotBonJovi
    NotBonJovi Posts: 187 Member
    Whoa! You are a whole new different person. Congratulations and Kudos 👏
  • Bluetail6
    Bluetail6 Posts: 2,864 Member
    Marvelous progress!! You look amazing😊😊.
  • jimb19551955
    jimb19551955 Posts: 1 Member
    Congrats, you look great!!
  • urban287
    urban287 Posts: 50 Member
    Great job!1
  • Fatgonegirl
    Fatgonegirl Posts: 126 Member
    Congrats, keep going and look forward to many, many healthy years ahead.
  • TravisJHunt
    TravisJHunt Posts: 533 Member
    Awesome job!
  • joshuafox56
    joshuafox56 Posts: 2 Member
    Well Done....keep pushing
    FABRICWOMAN Posts: 539 Member
    Wonderful transformation. Your currently picture looks like a younger little sister to the first one. You are amazing! Keep up the good work. You deserves it.
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