It was so easy at 28, even at 38, 48 not so

Long time battling weight, I kept it off with running, being an old school weightlifting gym rat, cross fit, swimming. But life happened and over the years the guy who passed the PT standards OK has to adapt to being not as young. Old injuries, dumb choices, a job that can be very strenuous some weeks and fairly sedate the next put me in the morbidly obese category. So back to tracking, small changes each week, a motivating trainer who also helps remind me that I won’t press 350 then go for a five miler in boots and utes. It’s starting to work after a few weeks, the scale groans slightly less. I know what to do but found it really helps to have an accountability partner I pay. Dumb that I need that accountability but that has been where I have had success without getting hurt or frustrated as much.


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    I regret to inform you that at 58 it's no easier. 😧

    And I have to concur with you about the importance of some sort of accountability. 👍 My employer implemented a wellness program, which included some health coaching, and that helped me lose the 40 pounds I needed to lose; having those upcoming scheduled appointments to talk about my progress.

    Since then I have stuck with logging all of my meals and exercise on MFP to help me maintain my weight loss. I strongly suggest keeping your food and exercise logging habit going. I expect to keep doing this for the rest of my life. And I expect it to be a better and longer life thanks to putting in the effort!
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    you can do it
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    There's nothing 'dumb" about having an accountability's an effective tool. Don't buy into the "lone wolf" mentality that it's somehow better to do it entirely on your own or some crap like that.

    I work in a high school, so I'm surrounded by young people -- many are in the peak physical shape of their lives. I'm in my 40s. I'm actually in pretty good shape myself, but I'm definitely also not 17 anymore. I can't eat like them. I can't pretend I'm anywhere near my athletic ability at that age. (I can hold my own in yoga, so...nice about that!)

    Aging is a reality in fitness and wellness. We don't lose weight so easily. We don't bounce back so easily from injury. It takes longer sometimes to improve. It's well and truly a bummer at times.

    Saying that, putting the hard and frustrating work in to stay healthy is so worth it.
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    In some ways I agree with you. But on the other hand I do have a much more mature and measured approach to things. I also have a much better sense of looking at the big picture and being patient with myself.
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    I find the actual training, pushing myself to the limit harder but over the years you learn what works for you. So you train smarter. (Imo)