PattiPorker - Formerly Obese - Now "Just" Overweight

Just joined for, what I think, is the second time. I used a website years ago that was like this one that helped me lose about 30 lbs. Since then, I regained them and some additional ones and had a BMI that was over 30 - obese, for several years. Sort of ignored the situation and lost some of the weight, but not enough. Then earlier this year developed some health issues and quit most alcohol consumption, cut deserts and while waiting to figure out what was wrong, managed to lose 15 lbs or so. So, now I an "just"overweight and want to lose the last lbs to be a "normal" BMI for the first time in my adult life. Hope to use this site to track what I eat and how active I am to lose the remainder of the weight and then keep it off for good - easier said than done, I know !

Hope to get to know some of you along the way.


  • AuthorMatthewV
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    Welcome back, Patti! That was some quality assessment of the little things that just keep adding up. Great job on the positive steps so far! Keep up the good work!
  • debilang
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    Hi Patti, my name is Deb...Would love to support and cheer you on. I have never been overweight, but, I am what is medically know as "skinny fat"...visceral fat around my organs. I am a sugarholic...and I am 35 days and counting with no processed sugar. The reason I am here is for accountability. This is my 3rd time here...and sooo glad this site is here for anyone who wants to use it as their tool for accountability. The sugar eroded my artery lining, and let the plaque in, and in 2009 I had a heart the GYM, no less. I thought I was being active..but sugar is not prejudice, it will do harm en masse...and that is how I ate it. I could not stop once I started. I am talking about processed sugar, candy, cookies, etc...Anyway, I will add you if you want to accept....I will cheer you on :) Deb