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Looking to start small group for weight loss support



  • Brooke2305
    Brooke2305 Posts: 11 Member
    I’d love to join!
  • Bp2021go
    Bp2021go Posts: 6 Member
    Please add me.
  • megansmom0114
    megansmom0114 Posts: 1 Member
    I’m interested. I am new and struggling to get into my rhythm.
  • brownsugar84
    brownsugar84 Posts: 40 Member
    Would love to be added too! 🙂
  • Vetleanni
    Vetleanni Posts: 64 Member
    Hey! :smile: I would absolutely love to join! Please add me if you still have room for one more :smile:
  • Antara_Kld
    Antara_Kld Posts: 58 Member
    Hi! If I 'm not too late , I would like to be added as well! I am 36 yrs old 1.65cm ( 5' 5'') . I reached my highest ever weight at 70,7 kgr (155.9 lbs) and I have started a slow but steady effort!
    I think having support is the only way to successfully reach and keep our weight down! Every time I have lost the kilos, unfortunately, couldn't maintain for more than 6 months..
    SW: 68.3 kgr (150.6 lbs)
    UGW: 54 kgr (119 lbs) by August 2021

    The question that I have, is how does a friend's support system work? Do you have a daily message group? weekly goals? or just touching base to check how thing are doing?

  • theemissy
    theemissy Posts: 2 Member
    Interested if not too late
  • shanaecarter24
    shanaecarter24 Posts: 6 Member
    I'm interested, please add me.