Super bummed out

I’m super bummed out, sitting here in my pjs- mad at myself for ruining just day 2 of my diet. Went out for dinner and could not help myself.


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    I hope you enjoyed the food at least?
    Log it (as best as you can) and move on. You didn't 'ruin' anything. We don't need to be perfect, just good enough most of the time. And don't think of it as a diet (temporary changes to lose weight) but a lifestyle change. I presume you're still going to go out to dinner while losing weight and afterwards, so focus on learning how to deal with that for the future. For example looking at the menu before you go and choosing beforehand what you'll order (something yummy but perhaps less calories dense than other options on the menu). Or eating a bit less the days before the restaurant (banking calories) to compensate for the higher calorie restaurant dinner.

    I don't know what weight loss rate you've selected, but going over goal might not even mean weight gain, but just a smaller deficit (slower progress).
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    There's no reason to be mad honestly. Just get yourself together and get back on track because that's all you can really do. Learn from your "mistakes" in a positive manner and figure out how you can better discipline yourself and avoid making them going forward.
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    @SuzySunshine99 is absolutely right. A day is never "ruined," although a day can always be off plan. Having more days on plan (whatever that means for you) than off will lead to success. You'll have days where you eat more than you planned, move less than you planned, that's just life.

    If you feel like it, it can be worthwhile to figure out what went wrong today. Did you go into dinner too hungry? Had you not planned ahead what you wanted to eat? (Some people find that useful). Was your plan not realistic? Those are all things that can help you stay on plan in the future if you figure them out.

    I've learned that if I'm going to someplace that serves a favorite of mine, it's not realistic to pretend that I'm never going to have it. I've learned that if I go out to dinner after not eating enough all day, the odds of me eating more than I want are much higher. These are things that I can now plan for and it helps a lot.

    Even the worst "ruined" day can give us insight into what actions might help us in the future.
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    Dont be mad, it's definitely going to happen to all of us. Just get back at it. Keep pushing forward!
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    You didn’t ruin anything. You just had an early and very good lesson. How will you handle the situation next time? Where did it all go south? It will happen again. Figure it out now so you’ll be prepared. Day 3 starts now.
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    You can't ruin anything in a day.

    Why do so many people go at this with a fatalistic all or nothing attitude?

    Your car gets a flat tire. Is it ruined? or do you just need to get some new rubber and get back on the road?
    You spilled some paint on the rug. Is the house ruined? Gonna burn the whole thing down or fix that one little spot?
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    I’m super bummed out, sitting here in my pjs- mad at myself for ruining just day 2 of my diet. Went out for dinner and could not help myself.

    Also, to the OP....
    Based on your photos, I would guess that you do not have a lot of weight to lose.
    What are your current stats (age, height, weight), and what is your goal weight?
    What rate of weight loss have you selected (pounds per week)?
    What is your calorie goal?
    It's possible that your calorie deficit is too aggressive for the amount you have to lose. Over-restricting can lead to over-eating and can be a barrier to long-term success.