Fun Fact...

In total I have probably lost over a thousand pounds.... over a dozen attempts... over 20 years... did i break some kind of record? do i get a trophy? probably not.

anyway, still fat, still need to make changes, still trying to make new MFP accounts to keep myself accountable.

Add me, will you? We can be BFF's... Wear necklaces...


  • zheother
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    Try to visualize those thousands of pounds :D

    "According to Density - The Physics Hypertextbook both body fat and olive oil have a density of . 918 g/cm3. So a pound, 453.592 g, occupies 494.1 cm3, or a cube about 7.9 cm (3.11 inches) on a side."
  • katymad513
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    Yes! Bracelets and anklets too! Trying again for the umpteenth time! We can do this! Gonna send u a friend request.
  • annliz23
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    Good luck, I think it just has to be a life change and being flexible to what's going on as we age.
  • MyTwoHorses
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    Ugh, me too back again :)
  • concordancia
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    Is this like a Pandora bracelet and we get a new charm for each attempt? Or do we get a new hippo for each regain? Either way, by now the bracelet itself would be helping me lose weight, carrying all that extra around all the time. Better get one for each arm.

    I recently got below 200 (again) and am trying to mentally train myself that I am not going back over that again. Part of my long term plan is to work certain things in regularly, rather than waiting until I have that deep, irresistible craving. I had coconut shrimp with a sweet and spicy sauce for lunch yesterday. So, if all goes according to plan, instead of riding the highs of those weeks when eating properly is easy and the plunging into the despair of wanting McD's twice a day for a week straight, I will even things out by having something just because I am in control and getting plenty of exercise and better this once, when the worst it will do is maintain for a week, than waiting until I am stressed and out of control.

    I am NOT one of those people who spends six months eating perfectly and then finds McD's and pizza and ice cream disgusting. I know; I have done it before. Several times.

    WAIT: new MFP accounts to keep yourself accountable? Does that mean that each personality friends yourself and you post encouraging words to yourself??