Back again... again.. again... again... :D

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so my weight crept up over 115kg and i started having some knee issues...

So about a week ago, i went cold turkey, and started eating healthily again. Decided that pre-portioned food bought in supermarkets were better than me not eating healthy even though it costs more.

So now i am eating very rought breakfast food without sugar, 1-2 salads with meat and some pasta or other things, and only snacking on a few nuts during the day.

Now is the time to get back in shape.

I am 43, and i weigh 115kg... i am a captain in the home guard, and i need to be a good example, and i need to feel better myself.

My goal is to hit 95kg by the end of the year... i feel that is a reasonable goal.
Eat better portion sizes (hehe will be tested tonight at a birthday eating)
and start lifting again, mostly bodyweight for now.

On top of that, i am starting to walk some again (what i can with my knees currently) and brought some weights and other stuff along with me so i can train during the day.


  • zheother
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    I wish you luck, 20 kilos in 7 months seems reasonable, I suggest you track your calories and go from there :) While nuts are healthy even a handful pack a huge punch on your daily calorie intake so I suggest caution :D
  • Jesse_Sue
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    LOL!! same here.... it's been a roller coaster!! fit... not fit.... fit.... not fit...... been back at it hard core for the last 6 months... maybe this time it will stick!!

    Wishing you the best in your journey!!!