Want to lose weight but boyfriend doesn't think I need to

I've got a new boyfriend and he likes my body the way it is which is great as exes and other guys have made me feel insecure about my body. During COVID I gained 2 stone, but have managed to lose around 10 pounds lately. I'm 1.72m and I weigh 78kg (12 stone 4lb or 172lb). I'm a UK size 12/14. I feel toned and fit (I'm very active) and I feel that my body is looking for toned and lean. I'd like to get down to 70kg but my boyfriend doesn't think that I need to and thinks that I would be too thin. He likes my curves. How can I persaude him that losing a bit of weight will do me good? I'm still a bit overweight according to my BMI (26.3). How much weight do I seem like I should lose? When I'm around 11 stone I'm pretty slim. At my lowest I was 65kg and people said that I looked too thin.


  • littlegreenparrot1
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    Why not lose a bit, and see how you feel? Targets can be adjusted as you go along.

    I know you know this really, but remember what is important is what you and your Dr think. You explain that you appreciate his concern, but actually for xyz reason its better that you lose a bit.
    He gets to keep his own counsel and appreciate what a lucky man he is, or go on about things which may require further discussion about how it's none of his beeswax. If he's a keeper he'll work out the best course of action...
  • Bex953172
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    You just gotta do what you want to do.
    Unfortunately it's not up to him, if YOU would like to lose that weight then you should.
    Its very nice of him to be accepting of your body when previous boyfriends have made you insecure.

    But ultimately it's what you thinkabout your body. I don't think you even need to persuade him, or even discuss it with him really. It's your body so you should just do it.

    As for not sure how much you should lose, I would say lose a bit, see how you feel and then go from there :)
  • Honestly, I've lost 60+ lbs and need to lose another 20 lbs to be comfortable in my body. My bf always compliments me and thinks I'm perfect just the way I am. But he's never discouraging about my weight loss. Your body, your temple. Don't need to convince anybody
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    It’s all a big experiment. Lose some and see how you like it. Don’t concern yourself with a final goal. And pay attention to how you’re living. To hit a goal and stay there you have to live with it long term.