Depression and Anxiety can’t take me down 💪🏻

Hi I’m Rachel, age 25. I’ve struggled with depression and anxiety my whole life, and finally reached out to a doctor a couple years ago. In December, I was feeling the lowest I’ve felt in a long time. So I decided to join a training academy. I started there in January 25, 2021. I joined a gym for mental health purposes, and I’m feeling on top of the world both mentally and physically. I still have my days but I got a long time to go and a lot of things to learn. I’ve recently started seeing a nutritionist too because I wasn’t eating enough. I’ve always struggled with not eating so this is really hard to always eat throughout the day. So basically I’m drowning in chicken and rice, he’s trying to reset my metabolism. I figured I’d try the community out and maybe make a few friends.


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    I understand your plight more than you realise. Mental health is always a fight but in my experience your physical health will better your mental health so keep that in mind. I lost 20 recently and have got a big boost. Keep going and holla off you need a friend to chat to
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    I completely agree!! I feel so much stronger mentally since I’ve been on top of my physical health. Which motivates me even more to keep going. Congrats on your 20!!!! I’m almost there. Thanks for the kind words :)
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    Physical and mental health are definitely linked. Regular exercise did more for me when I was depressed than any tablet the doctor gave me. I’m glad you’ve taken control, people often don’t realise how debilitating depression can be and how much strength it takes to overcome it. Proud of you ❤️
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    Thank you so much!!! ❤️
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    I struggle with depression and anxiety as well. I understand! But we can do this! :)
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    I also struggle with depression and anxiety. I have recently started medication, and it really helps with my anxiety, I still have feelings of depression. It is a very real fight for sure. Would any of you be willing to friend me here? I only have 4 friends, and I would really like to have some like minded friends that understand the hardship of depression.
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    I always thought of anxiety as a cage with no bars. I assume there are bars but there isn't, and so I am confined to fears of my own imagination. Limited from achieving my full potential whether in relationships, work, or anything else. Seeing a doctor is important. Took me years to make that step. But I am in that same boat as you. I am not or perhaps ever will be cured, I am just adapting to a changing environment, and my main goal daily is just to be happy and then I can put one step in front of the other