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I'm feeling lost on where to start

tewwendy1713tewwendy1713 Member, Premium Posts: 2 Member Member, Premium Posts: 2 Member
Hi everyone , I'm super new to this app, I have been on keto for almost 2 months and lost 16lbs. My eating habits have been again changed by dietician and doctors recommendation but I'm still feeling a little lost. I've reached out to their staff but haven't heard back yet. I have been given a max of 1500 calories a day , low carb no carb restrictions and no more than 25-30 grams of protein daily (I'm clarifying if this is daily or per meal just waiting for clarification. ) I am struggling to find ways to accomplish this, due to lack of knowledge and beginner experience. The app states my macros need to equal 100% which means I'd have to compensate with high fats but I'm not sure if this is going to hinder my ability to lose weight. Any help , tips or guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance :)


  • mgalsf12mgalsf12 Member Posts: 328 Member Member Posts: 328 Member
    That does not seem like enough protein. How many grams does MFP calculate for you? It's the protein that helps me not feel hungry all the time.
  • tewwendy1713tewwendy1713 Member, Premium Posts: 2 Member Member, Premium Posts: 2 Member
    104 grams of protein 69 grams of fat and 206 grams of carbs . Carbs definitely need to be low or non existent. I appreciate the feed back. I can understand 15- 25 per meal. But I'm hoping I can get more answers from the dietician.
  • yirarayirara Member Posts: 6,595 Member Member Posts: 6,595 Member
    Why do carbs need to be low? Do you have a medical condition?
  • crb426crb426 Member Posts: 578 Member Member Posts: 578 Member
    I would definitely wait for their call back. I'm not sure why they would want you to be both low carb and low protein...? Seems odd.
  • Zinka61Zinka61 Member Posts: 440 Member Member Posts: 440 Member
    Maybe the dietitian can help you set up your goals on here when you are in the office. Be sure to ask!
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