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Thoughts on peloton



  • fittocyclefittocycle Member Posts: 798 Member Member Posts: 798 Member
    Four years ago, I bought a nice spin bike at Costco. I use it several times a week and it's held up very well. I purchased several spinning workout dvds on Amazon and rotate the dvds. The workouts feel every bit as good as the spin classes I used to attend. Of course you can also find similar workouts online as well. Much cheaper than a Peleton bike.
  • HilTriHilTri Member Posts: 377 Member Member Posts: 377 Member
    I went with the Life Fitness IC7 and use the Peloton App and Les Mills on demand. I used to teach Sprint but I Love Matt Wilpers Power Zone Peloton longer rides too. My bike is solid and cost $2700. You could also put an outdoor bike on a trainer. When I was shopping for my bike I popped into different gyms and tried a bunch of spin bikes to see which I liked best (Stages, Keiser and Life Fitness).
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  • Theoldguy1Theoldguy1 Member Posts: 2,070 Member Member Posts: 2,070 Member
    Should have have sold the stock a few days ago.
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