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Need advice no muscle a lot of fat

AlchutAlchut Member Posts: 2 Member Member Posts: 2 Member

Hello, never lifted or played many sports in elementary or highschool and lost a lot of weight not eating my senior year 260 to 180, so i feel like i have very little muscle if any right now (can’t do push-ups). I was hovering around 190 (flabby) but put the weight back on studying i’m about 240 right now (6ft). I’m 21 first consistent week of weight training at the gym (Mon-sat) very low weight for a guy my age benching 25 on each side. Wondering what your best advice is for someone with little to no foundation in weight training trying to lose weight. I feel very lost cause most advice is for people who are either really skinny with difficulty gaining weight or overweight but already somewhat muscular people just trying to lose weight, i’m trying to lose weight and build up muscle from scratch before i’m too old, already feel like i’ve wasted most of my youth. my goal is 185-200 of muscle but i care less about the number and more about how i look


  • DancingMoosieDancingMoosie Member Posts: 7,592 Member Member Posts: 7,592 Member
    Start lifting? It's never too late to learn. I found stronglifts 5x5 the easiest program to learn as a beginner lifter. See if you can find someone to teach you the lifts properly. If not, it is possible to learn on your own.
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