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giving up coffee (caffeine)



  • sarah7591sarah7591 Member Posts: 186 Member Member Posts: 186 Member
    I am pretty much off caffeine now. The last two days I have had NO energy at all. I force myself to go out and run. I usually do 5-6 miles yesterday I forced myself to do 4. Has made NO difference in my insomnia....had 3 hours sleep last night and feeling very down.
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  • Safari_Gal_Safari_Gal_ Member, Premium Posts: 1,408 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1,408 Member
    sarah7591 wrote: »
    Update- I am doing great on decreasing the caffeine. I am making it 3:parts decaf and 1 part caffeine. I have noticed no ill effects. No headaches and my energy is still OK. In another 2-3 weeks I'll try complete decaf. I love the coffee so I won't give that up it's the caffeine I don't want to be addicted to.
    @Safari_Gal_ are you cutting down? Wish you the best...we can do this!
    Haven't really noticed much help with the insomnia.

    Hey Sarah! @sarah7591 ... I’ve been letting myself have 2 cups in the morning .. every now and then I have a “get up and glow” caffeine/collagen peptides drink... I just don’t have the extra cups at work. I have been keeping a bottle of water on desk and when I get the urge to swoop by the coffee machine - I take a few swigs! Haven’t noticed any changes in energy or sleep... but less caffeine couldn’t hurt me either! (Don’t think 🤔)
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