Well....I'm 25 days in. This is what I've learned so far...



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    I eat some sort of candy or sweet thing almost every day. It really just means saving 200ish calories for it. It's accounted for, it doesn't make me go off the rails, I like it and having that 'treat' to look forward to at the end of the day makes my day better.

    I've dropped 42lbs and have gone from obese to a normal BMI, so I'm going to say it isn't the devil and I don't need to stop.

    42 pounds...obese to normal bmi. That's great! and that's my goal too, to be within a normal BMI.
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    The great thing about a food scale is that you can eat a lot more, or at least I can. All those videos showing how you're eating too much worked out the opposite for me. I've found a half cup of oatmeal in a measuring cup is about 20% less than the actual 40 gram serving size. Butter measured in a tablespoon is about 12 grams, but 14 is a tablespoon. And so forth. The scale consistently lets me eat more.
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    5) I still incredibly miss cake and cookies...desserts of all forms. When will this part get easier???

    When I sit in the sofa in the evenings I keep thinking about snacks. And it's not that I don't eat chocolate now, it's just that I don't keep it in the house since I kept having one more bite until I'd eaten it all. My solution was to get expensive ice cream and portion it out so that I could only have a smallish portion each day, because when I was out I was out for the week.

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    1) I'm logging everything but I'm sure that I'm getting the portion sizes wrong at times. When I'm unsure I try to go over rather than under. Thinking about investing in a food scale.

    Good post.

    If I had to choose between a food scale or a bathroom scale, the food scale wins every time. Your bathroom scale will fluctuate for a number of (very valid) reasons. Your kitchen scale will never lie. If you get in the habit, it gets very easy.