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    My wife and I hit goal weight a year apart nearly 10 years ago. She's gained around half of it back.

    The other day, she says to me, "I have no idea how I gain weight...". "I don't eat anything in the AM...".

    I do the grocery shopping. She goes through 1 gallon of sweetened coffee creamer a week -- 14K calories worth. She honestly believes she uses 10 calories or so a day.

    "I have no idea Honey...". SMH. My mind is like a flippin' calorie counter, though I haven't counted in four or so years.

    Maybe you could mention the creamer?

    Have you ever been married? If so, you should know better. LOL!! ;)

    Exactly. After 10 to 15 times doing it in a nice way and getting slammed for bringing it up, you give up. Ironically, my daughter has gotten her to change her creamer from one that is 35 calories a TBS to 10, a huge improvement, just this week.

    My wife is an Aries. Very strong willed woman that doesn't like being told anything. And I'm a Scorpio (control freak), so it's a miracle we've lasted 30 years already.

    Hubby is an Aries, and I'm the Scorpio here.

    Sorry you've gotten deluged with coffee creamer/spouse comments.

    If I were to add one, my comment would be that if/when a spouse is interested in losing weight, I would direct them towards tracking. Then, they can see the "cost" of their decisions and it may be that one is still determined to include the 14k of coffee creamer. At least with tracking, those decisions can be made from an informed position. It's a little like looking at the price tag on the blouse one wants to buy. After looking at the price and the check book balance, one can decide if the blouse is really that great. :P
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    To the OP, I would suggest looking into community groups. In the setting of a like minded group, you can benefit from that support, when needed, or even offer your own. In my case, @MadisonMolly2017 @SummerSkier and I happen to all be in the Ultimate Accountability Challenge group. Both MM and SS have contributed to that group a lot longer than I. I joined Oct 2020. There are lots of groups out there. I prefer a group that is large enough that there is activity, but small enough that you recognize members.

    Congratulations on your loss!
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    @SModa61 Thank you for the tip! I will look into it.
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