Active Fit Friends! . . .

Where you at!? I need more friends that log exercises can we be friends?

I am 32,F, wife, mom, work full time. I do 5a.m workouts and just joined a gym. I am following a diet and fitness program to get stronger and more toned. Would love to be friends! What kinds of fitness activities do you do?

Everyone is welcome to add me for extra support too:-)


  • emblu
    emblu Posts: 272 Member
    40,runner,bodypumper, mum and step mum but they're old enough to look after themselves lol and work full time.
    I'm needing to lose 20kg, I'm active but I'm also greedy and the fella doesn't help with his wine supping and snacks 😆
    Anyhoo add me x
  • Emlorraine1
    Emlorraine1 Posts: 16 Member
    I would love to be fitness friends :) feel free to message me :)
  • metaphysicalstudio
    metaphysicalstudio Posts: 293 Member
    Let's do this!
  • AvaEBerry
    AvaEBerry Posts: 161 Member
    Hey! I log workouts 6-7 days a week, everything from Boxing to Yoga, Hiking to Sandbags. Feel free to add me. 😊
  • Carl2323
    Carl2323 Posts: 1 Member
    This is the positive voice I need. Started training for a half ironman and need to lose 10 lbs thanks to covid bit I can't stop snacking!