Got berated today at Planet Fitness for my mask

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I have gotten my 2nd Covid shot. And when I went to the gym, I wasn't around anyone. I was on the cardio machine all by myself. Anyways, I got a little too clever. I thought that if I could just cut out a little hole in my mask, I could breathe better. It was barely even noticeable. I'm just trying to breathe.

Staff came over to me and told me that my mask is unacceptable. She berated me. Don't I get a little credit for the effort? I understand that we want to prevent spread. But I've already gotten my 2nd shot and I wasn't around anybody. At some point, this is silly. Do you really believe that having a small hole in the mask is going to infect somebody more than just wearing the mask regularly? It's still covering most of the mouth, there's just a small, little hole. I'm just trying to breathe! I'm working out. What's the point of the gym if you can't really work? At what point does this end?


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    This is just a perfect case of Poe's law in action.
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    I teach my daughter that the first question to ask yourself in the decision making process, is "Is it legal?" haha
    Seriously, though, laws and rules(as much as we sometimes disagree with them) are usually made to protect people...I don't have a problem wearing them indoors even though I'm least until there's hardly any new cases in the community.
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    He is following the rules, he is wearing a mask. The purpose of the mask is to protect those around you and he wasn't near anyone. If you are still worried about Covid at this point, get your shot or stay at home.

    Cutting a hole in your mask isn't following the rules. I'm vaccinated fully and not particularly worried about COVID...but I also follow the rules of a private establishment. It must be nice to think you're above the rules....but then you're also probably one of those that turns around and says stuff like, "if they just followed the rules blah blah blah"...but hey, those don't apply to me.