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why does it add exercise in?

photos3photos3 Member, Premium Posts: 1 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1 Member
Soo, my fitness pal continuously adds in bicycling throughout the day. I am not adding it in. How do i get it to stop?


  • GummiMundiGummiMundi Member Posts: 394 Member Member Posts: 394 Member
    Do you have an activity or fitness tracker connected to your MFP account?
  • NorthCascadesNorthCascades Member Posts: 10,663 Member Member Posts: 10,663 Member
    If it's because you're riding a bike, the answer is mfp does it for health and fitness reasons.
  • yirarayirara Member Posts: 6,698 Member Member Posts: 6,698 Member
    We need a lot more information. Do you use a fitness tracker and have you linked it to MFP? If so then disconnect it. Simples. Btw, don't not eat back exercise calories if you're eating very little already. Eat enough, get enough nutrition. Maybe start with half the calories of your workouts.
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