Health issues: IBSD, diabetes, Arthritis, Low does chemo?

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Just looking for a some people who may be going through some of the same things I am.

I have IBS-D… having issues where everything I eat goes right through me. So far Shakeology with digestive boost are the only thing that does not run through me.
I’m just starting it 2x a day with almond milk (the vegan shakeology), I’m not happy that it’s MLM but I can’t find anything at the store that works.

Second I have arthritis, I’m on low dose chemo for that and it ducks and causes other issues.

I’m also type 2 diabetic thanks to all the medications. I use a dexcom G6 and I love it. Really shows me how stress effects my blood sugar numbers.

So… looking for people who understand.. I was on prednisone for years and it just causes the weight to pack on


  • AlexandraFindsHerself1971
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    I have fibromyalgia and some mental health issues, and I eat as a stim and out of boredom. (So I have learned) I also have arthritis in my feet after a car accident in my twenties, and some lumbar spine issues.

    But over a year and a half I have lost 58 pounds just by lowering my calories and being honest about logging. It's only now as I'm feeling a little better that I'm starting to exercise.
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    I am taking Ibrance which is a bit like low dose chemo. I also take a hormone blocking tablet daily and get hormone suppression implants monthly. I was told that the hormone tablets cause weight gain and accepted that until I realised the tablet can let it be hard to lose weight but just won't make me put on weight. Also I did feel really uncomfortable in my body and additional weight does not help my condition. Since November I have lost about 15lbs through lowering my calories and exercise like walking, yoga and dancing. I have about 30 more to go.

    Not so long ago my hair was breaking but since changing my diet and increasing my protein levels, my hair is growing like crazy. I feel great.

    Sorry about your digestive issues.
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    Have you been on a low fodmap diet yet? It's usually recommended for various types of IBS. You may have IBS-D due to your body not being able to process the fodmap sugars and it gets rid of the food as quickly as possible because it recognizes that it can't digest those sugars.

    I have had difficulty with IBS too and found a lot of success with the low fodmap diet in reversing my symptoms, healing my gut, and losing weight. Being on low fodmap has helped with a lot of other health issues for me too like pain from inflammation and sleep issues.

    The Shakeology shakes have grains, pea fiber, and some fruits that people with IBS cannot tolerate. While trying to improve your body, you may be aggravating your IBS.