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Feeling tired after the gym

russellvolkrussellvolk Member Posts: 101 Member Member Posts: 101 Member
Hey everyone, I joined the gym about a week ago. I wake up around 6am, have a cup of coffee and off to the gym. I’m at the gym around 7am. I walk on a treadmill for an hour, burning about 300 calories. I’m male, 6’1” and weigh about 240 lbs. I’m back home around 9am, take a shower and have breakfast. I typically have either egg whites and turkey bacon or cottage cheese with blueberries. Around 11am, I feel so tired and feel like I need a nap. I’ve actually been napping for about an hour everyday since I started. I feel so exhausted.

The question is, what should I be eating before and after the gym so I don’t feel so tired? I love going to the gym and feel good that I did something good for myself, but I hate the feeling of being exhausted. TIA


  • russellvolkrussellvolk Member Posts: 101 Member Member Posts: 101 Member
    Also, I walk at 4 mph.
  • penguinmama87penguinmama87 Member, Premium Posts: 915 Member Member, Premium Posts: 915 Member
    When do you go to bed at night? I get up a little before 6 everyday, and I make sure to be in bed by 10:30 at the latest. If I'm up much past that I find I'm yawning all the next day.

    If this is a change in your schedule, it may take a couple of weeks for your internal clock to adjust. Things like weather, pollen, etc. might affect how you feel too, but you might not have noticed before because you weren't paying as close attention. I'm always more tired on rainy and cold days or if it's otherwise dark. I know I'm getting enough sleep if I wake up feeling rested and don't find it hard to get out of bed, even if emotionally I'd rather stay put. ;)

    So I would actually look at sleep hygiene before looking to other things. And give yourself a little time to adjust, as long as you are eating enough.
  • middlehaitchmiddlehaitch Member Posts: 8,369 Member Member Posts: 8,369 Member
    As well as sleep hygiene look at....

    How fast are you trying to lose. Is your deficit too large.

    Are you eating back an adequate amount of your exercise calories.

    If you have just started/started back are you overdoing it. Yes you can overdo it even walking.
    Try every other day until you build up your stamina, alternating longer and shorter or faster and slower walks.

    Eating timing. I’m not good at eating befor a workout but if I ever did first thing in the morning I know I would need a sweet carb jolt to get me moving, probably a mandarin orange.
    Look into having a small snack with your coffee. Some people need one, others are good working out totally fasted.

    Cheers, h.
  • Beverly2HansenBeverly2Hansen Member Posts: 365 Member Member Posts: 365 Member
    What's your calorie intake for breakfast? On days I walk 5miles if I don't eat 500calories prior or right after I'm exhausted. I know egg whites are pretty low calorie. I add to that protein and a fruit. For the most part it works.
  • xrj22xrj22 Member, Premium Posts: 66 Member Member, Premium Posts: 66 Member
    How used to getting up at 6am are you? If you are sleepy more than muscle sore or worn out at that time of day, I would look more at sleep cycle issues and whether you are getting effective sleep. Also, is morning coffee a usual routine for you? Could you be crashing 5 hours after your coffee as the caffeine leaves your body.
  • scarlett_kscarlett_k Member Posts: 726 Member Member Posts: 726 Member
    If you're not used to getting up early and/or walking for an hour solid every day it'll take longer than a week to get fit and you will feel exhausted. Maybe if you're finding it hard cut it back a bit and work your way up to an hour.
  • snowflake954snowflake954 Member Posts: 6,675 Member Member Posts: 6,675 Member
    You have gotten very good input above. You have to try different things to see what works best for you. First off, the gym is a new thing and it takes awhile to up your stamina. As mentioned: try every other day for a month, or go a little slower.

    Carbs give you energy, if you're low carbing it'll take awhile, or you may want to rethink it.

    I love to get up early to exercise, because I have more energy then and it's done for the day. Some people have energy later in the day. If I'm tired I try to go to bed an hour early, or take a rest day to recuperate.

    And it just takes time for your body to adjust. Don't cut your calories too low.

    Most important--don't give up. Good luck to you.
  • kshama2001kshama2001 Member Posts: 24,930 Member Member Posts: 24,930 Member
    Lots of good questions above. I am especially wondering:
    1. How many calories is your breakfast
    2. What % of your exercise calories do you eat back
    3. How fast are you trying to lose and what is your goal weight

  • IamFitISHIamFitISH Member Posts: 50 Member Member Posts: 50 Member
    It could be possibly not being used to waking up at that time. And you said you started going to the gym maybe your body could still be getting used to that. I am not sure if this is recommended maybe eat something like a protein bar before you go. Or something that is healthy and gives you energy.
  • BlossomingJennBlossomingJenn Member Posts: 23 Member Member Posts: 23 Member
    It’s possible your body needs more recovery time. Especially if working out like this is not the norm for you. Recovery time is just as important as excercise! A lot of people overdo exercise. Also, is it possible your adrenals are having issues? If your adrenals are fatigued at all you may need to deal with that before adding in exercise, other than walking.
  • cwolfman13cwolfman13 Member Posts: 39,594 Member Member Posts: 39,594 Member
    Walking isn't terribly taxing, but if you've been walking 0 minutes a day going to 60 minutes per day over the course of one week, that could possibly be it. When I first started exercising, I was pretty wiped just because my body wasn't used to deliberate and sustained movement. Otherwise I would look at overall sleep as well as the size of your calorie deficit. I don't think of walking as something that needs pre or post workout food other than what you'd normally do.

    More than likely I'd say it's a combination of things. Is 6 AM normal for you, or is this new? With going back to the office, I had to get used to getting up early again and was tired for the first week or so until I adjusted to that. What time to you hit the rack?

  • natasor1natasor1 Member Posts: 245 Member Member Posts: 245 Member
    One week of gym workout is very little to make any decision. Do it for a wile, could be couple month or so. And very advisible: why do you use gym as walking time only? Get use all the potentials of the gym streangth equipment. You will benefit much more if you start developing muscle strength. Possibly, your energy will increase instead of decrease on strength exercises. Prepare to muscle soreness in the beginning, but it always good for you. If you are man, than strength exercises are just a MUST for you. Try that rule that man has to get swaet at least once a day for 20 minutes. The nature gifted you with all prerequisits to lift heavy. If you don't use it, you loose it. Walking is only a relaxation tool, which people use after hard workout, not instead.
    Cup of coffie before gym is a rite thing. Continue doing it, but after gym definitely you can eat more proteins, little carbs and even little fat. Whole eggs with bacon and spinach on the side, cottage cheese with berries and low carbs toast. Meat of chicken or beef with veggies ( kale, spinach, cuces, bok choy, tomatos, okra, green beans, asparagus, aragula, romano salad), humus with celery, low carb tortila with avocado, veggies and lunch meat.
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