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What does an anti-inflammatory diet do?



  • The_Movie_ChairThe_Movie_Chair Member Posts: 105 Member Member Posts: 105 Member
    As for tendonitis, it could be irritated and not inflamed. I would go to a doctor first. You most likely will get a brace and medication.

    As for anti-inflammation diets. There is so much misinformation out there, it's not even funny. You have to live it, to understand it. First and foremost, it depends on what triggers the inflammation. In my case, a diet like Keto would bring me tremendous pain and discomfort. I would be back on steroids just so I would be able to get around a bit.

    I have two autoimmune disorders (RA and Celiac) and according to my friends, I eat like a hippie. Protein, especially chicken hurts me, dairy inflames my sinuses and brings me great pain.

    We are all alike, but not the same. If you are willing to adjust your diet, start with basic fastings like Joe Cross in "Fat, sick and nearly dead," or the Paddison program, or Dr. Michael Klapper's advice. Dr. Amy Meyers (spelling) another great source. In the end, you will have to find your own way. NO healthy person will be able to give you advice. I can tell you what I do, but it might not work for you.

    Give yourself 30 days out of your life and be strict. I gave up gluten, sugar, alcohol, dairy, meat, and all processed food. No caffeine either, which I thought would kill me right there and then. I lived on steamed food and juices for about 10 days. The result was overwhelming. No pain, no swelling in my joints, no stuffed sinuses.

    I added slowly food back to my diet and lifestyle Turns out I can't eat tomatoes or peppers, my body reacts to nightshades. I can eat steak and pork, but no chicken. Eggs, which I would love to eat every day, only in moderation. Oils are the worst. Only extra virgin olive oil is tolerated by my system, vegetable oil or other oils in fried food, start to bring me inflammation within two hours after eating.

    To find out what works for you, not knowing the disease you have to deal with, I would recommend writing a food and pain journal. Be honest.

    I lost 156 pounds and I am off all medications, it took three years. My RA factor is almost undetectable. No more allergy medications for me. I love eating like a hippie. :-)

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  • NVintageNVintage Member Posts: 1,212 Member Member Posts: 1,212 Member
    Thanks all, some good info here! The diet doesn't seem to help my arm much. Resting it and ice helps, but as soon as I have to use it to drive or carry something, it starts hurting again. I have another appt with a Dr. soon.:/
    With my stomach problem, on the other hand, it does seem to make a difference! I feel better eating oatmeal for brunch rather than my usual almond butter on wheat bread. I don't think I am all out intolerant to gluten, but I'm going to try to cut it out until my stomach is better...
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