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I've never heard of this. I'm going to try it for dinner!

What is aquafaba?
Aquafaba is the liquid that is in a can of chickpeas. When you use chickpeas save it to use in all kinds of recipes such as these oil-free roasted potatoes and vegan baking. It freezes well so if you open a can and have no need for the aquafaba save it for a later date.


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    It is used in vegan cooking as an egg replacer. It makes good whipped cream when sweetened and can be used to make macarons also. There are lots of recipes in the vegan community for using aquafaba.
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    First time I heard of it was when watching "The Great British Baking Show". They had a "vegan week", and the contestants were challenged to make meringue using aquafaba instead of egg whites.
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    I’ve made Aquafaba meringue cookies, using a fraction of the sugar called for. They’re really cool and taste good. Not “beany” at all. After a day, they taste like cotton candy.

    It just weirds me out to pick up a gallon zip lock bag of cookies and they literally weigh nothing. Always catches me by surprise.
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    I've made aquafaba meringue disks for pavlova. I've seen recipes online for vegan mayo using aquafaba.
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    I can't believe I've been letting that stuff go to waste!