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What the best overall exercise app?

Rannoch3908Rannoch3908 Member Posts: 165 Member Member Posts: 165 Member
I want it be free or very cheap.

I want it to design a workout program for be to follow. So it gives me something to do each day rather than me picking.

I want each day to be different.
A mix of workout types so I don't get bored.

Yoga. Hiit, dance, cardio, strength, pilates, stretching, meditation, etc



  • sweetdaisy13sweetdaisy13 Member Posts: 294 Member Member Posts: 294 Member
    Hello, the Nike Training Club app is free. I'm not sure it designs workouts for you, there are programmes available but I think you have to pay for them.

    However, there are plenty of free workouts available and you can certainly choose which type of workout you wish to do, along with duration and intensity.
  • middlehaitchmiddlehaitch Member Posts: 8,362 Member Member Posts: 8,362 Member
    Since lock down I just have a daily play list on YouTube.

    Each day has a variety of exercises routines ranging from 10-30 min.
    I either string them together into ~1hr, or do them spaced during the day depending on my other commitments.

    I tend to vary between strength, mobility, and endurance.

    Most of my workouts, and people I follow I poached from the ‘what YouTube workout did you do today’ thread. Have a browse of the thread and see if this method would work for you.

    It isn’t totally self design, but you have choices and good solid workouts to follow.

    Cheers, h.

    ETA here is the link.

    I must admit that I tried self directed planning. I’ve been going to the gym for years so could devise a suitable, varied routine, didn’t work for me. (I’d find excuses not to do the workout)
    Having them lined up and waiting with a cheery voice, most of the time, guiding me along made adherence much easier.

    Thanks @Deedoyle9721 and all contributors for a wonderful thread.
    edited June 7
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