Also moving from Sparkpeople

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Wanted to say hello and hope that everyone is well!!


  • candysashab88
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    I’m a refugee from there as well
  • Jamesever
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  • goal06082021
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    Did something happen to/at SparkPeople? Welcome, regardless, but what's with the sudden influx?
  • sronnien
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    Good morning everyone. I too am a refugee from Sparkpeople. Happy to have landed in this community, and hope to get to know everyone.
  • SabAteNine
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    Did something happen to/at SparkPeople? Welcome, regardless, but what's with the sudden influx?

    I was pretty curious as well, and found this. It's pretty disconcerting. Like MFP would decide one day to close everything down and start another profit-oriented, US-restricted "competitive" site without all the things that make it MFP. I'm sorry, Sparkpeople!
  • mrsgirwin1
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    Also moving from SparkPeople. I had been using it faithfully for 4 months with success. I am excited to start using MFP with the same success!
  • dizzybritches
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    Thanks for being so welcoming, @SabAteNine ! SP just leaked the news that they were changing their business model to partner with certain US businesses and their employees for more money. The new platform doesn’t have the features that made SP work.
  • Goodgollygee
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    Hello all. I was also a SP member. Hoping to stay inspired and meet others who are like minded.
  • IllustriousBee
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    Another SP refugee here. It's such a bummer that they're shutting down, especially since it seems like the new platform is mainly focused on businesses.
  • Marilynsretired
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    I am moving here also from Sparkpeople due to them closing as of August 17 2021
    Am looking for anyone that follows the Bright Line Eating program - (have started a group here for that) and also have started another group called Needing Support with Weight Loss - anyone interested in joining me on either of these groups
  • Natroushka
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    I was super bummed that Sparkspeople is shutting down BUT I've used myfitnesspal for two days now and it's AWESOME. It's actually much more useful than Sparkspeople. I still have to learn where everything is but I'm sure liking things so far! Thank you myfitnesspal!
  • rondajo56
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    Hi everyone! I too am from SP. I joined a group called NEEDING SUPPORT WITH WEIGHT LOSS. The group was started by my leader from SP. Check it out. Join us. WE WOULD LOVE TO HAVE YOU THERE!!
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    @SabAteNine Hi! Could you tell me how you were able to copy/reply to the post from the other member goal060... above? I am trying to find my way around and that would be helpful to me. Thanks!

    Our SP platform as we knew it, is closing down in August. There are possibly thousands (?) of users who belonged to various groups, teams, and challenges that are losing their "home". Many of us are trying out other platforms. I have been a member here since 2011, I think, but switched fully to SP in 2016 after UnderArmor got involved.
  • SabAteNine
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    Hi there, @mnsodi ! Sure thing. On the desktop version there is a Quote button right under each message, which allows you to do just that (i.e. quote the message you want to reply to).


    Hope this helps! Welcome to the club :smile:
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    Another migrator from SP* here!
  • jaecamille13
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    I wanted to say hi.. I am here from Spark People due to the site closing in August.
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    I'm moving over from SP too. Hi everyone!