Bring on Summer… and Your Stories!

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We’d Love to Hear From You! Tell Us About Your Summer Plans and Progress!

Lots to be excited about this summer! Outdoor fun and food. Reunions with family and friends. After taking a break, many people are also eager to recommit to their goals—or maintain healthy habits built over the past year.

How about you? Please share in the replies below:
  • How are you feeling about the summer?
  • What will you do to stay on track and accountable while enjoying the season?
  • Big or small, what victory are you celebrating?

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  • wizzybeth
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    bangelcb96 wrote: »

    New stuff sucks but choosing to stay stuck in an unhappy place cuz it seem easier is by far way worse.

    YES! I needed to see this! And being stuck in an unhappy place may "seem" easier but it isn't - for me it's stressful, and I'm always annoyed with myself. That's not really "easier," is it?
  • gwenmatos3
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    I am feeling pretty good about my body image this summer! Look forward to summer dresses and tan lines😎. I hope to make it to the beach at least once this summer and hope for a few camping trips as well!

    I have been doing YouTube videos and walking outdoors to stay active most everyday.

    I am eating mostly vegetables and some fruit and mainly turkey or chicken breasts for protein.

    I’m looking forward to my health journey. I feel I have most of the fundamentals to make this time actually stick when it comes to maintaining a healthy weight for my body and also for my spirit!!!!

  • gwenmatos3
    gwenmatos3 Posts: 11 Member
    The fact that you are here and you are still motivated to take care of YOU and your health is a big win in my book!!!! Keep moving forward…..progress not perfection ♥️
  • AshesSquared
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    This is going to be an amazing summer! It has no other option (; Last year was a 'bummer summer' but I am going to do all the things this summer: beaches, kayaking, s'mores, etc
    This summer has the added bonus victory of new baby (2 months now) who is coming into her own.
    To stay on track I'm logging, I want to eat enough for breastfeeding, but have enough of a deficit to lose the extra weight.
  • Marilynsretired
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    Going to have a great summer as I am off to a good start - following a lifestyle change program and doing well with it. Have just moved here to MFP and finding my way around. Would like help with starting a 'blog' as I made one but can't find it when I look for recent blogs so don't no why but 2 people gave it a vote - also 2nd blog does not show just the first one so not sure - Alex sure would appreciate hearing from you with respect to this as it is a bit frustrating.
    But summer is going to be great with losing between 10 - 30 pounds by end of August as long as I do what I need to do with respect to proper eating
  • hamadbalhareth3
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    Hello my name is Hamad. I have just signed up and I am excited to share with you all my meal plan and what I do for sports. So I wake up early and I do fast during the day till about 3 pm, then off to workout, come back and eat my only meal of the whole day. I do not feel hungry at all and feel my body has gotten so adjusted to eating one meal a day. I also follow a ketogenic diet. I am wondering if what I am doing is good. The good thing though that I feel I have achieved so far is the fact that my body runs on fat most of the time. I am eager to hear from you all what you think about this plan. I know it is a bit boring as I only eat one meal a day, but that is what made me lose weight and keep up off for over a couple of years. I also have solved a chronic issue I had before, enlarged prostate, which I was so happy to have solved after so many visits to the doctors who did not help.