DC or marvel warning controversial

IamFitISH Posts: 50 Member
I mean in my opinion marvel is bette although I do love Batman and Wonder Woman.


  • glassyo
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    I *was* going to say I'm a Marvel movie girl and a DC tv girl but I've really been loving the latest Disney Marvel shows so now I don't know!

    But definitely more DC tv than movies.
  • ninerbuff
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    Have ALWAYS been more Marvel than DC. My first comic book collections of Ironman, Amazing Spiderman, and Xmen. I never really got into DC with the exception of Batman. But when it comes to franchises in movies.............Marvel blows DC away.

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  • candysashab88
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    Marvel but Wonder Woman is my fave superhero
  • Versicolour
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    Who doesn't love Groot and Rocket?

    Before they came along though I was on the fence, torn between Batman and Wolverine. Now I am just a Groot fan all the way
  • ExpressoLove11
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    I used to be straight up Marvel but I just love the complexity of DC characters - plus Wonder Woman is awesome!
  • capavenger81
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    Marvel always but wonder woman dammmmm lol
  • amorfati601070
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    DC is a lot more edgy, gritty and mature. Their characters are more developed and complicated. Not just Batman but he's one of them. There's so many great characters...John Constantine, The Endless.. most of Watchmen. It sucks they can never really get it right in cinema. The new Batman is looking really promising.

    I don't hate Marvel..X-men and Daredevil are good. Avengers is so overrated though.
  • Analog_Kid
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    Marvel and DC are just ok. I prefer a more realistic super hero character. One that is actually believable and more reflective of my personal values - intelligent, thoughtful, compassionate, and enjoys long walks on the beach.

  • cowsfan12
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    Marvel for me just because of X-men - although the new justice league movies have been pretty good -
  • glassyo
    glassyo Posts: 6,550 Member
    Mighty Mouse tops them all!

    I seriously just went to youtube to listen to the theme song.

  • ___Soundwave___
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  • watts6151
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    Dc for the actual comics
    Marvel for the films
  • Mrrerryt
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    Big blue beetle fan back in the day
  • Motorsheen
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    Mighty Mouse tops them all!

  • BipolarNutcase
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    DC fan here. DC appears to be darker
  • watts6151
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    Motorsheen wrote: »
    Mighty Mouse tops them all!


    Mighty Mouse isn’t every the best mouse superhero,
    I give you Danger Mouse, a cross between James Bond and Batman

  • Mrrerryt
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  • cwolfman13
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    When I was into comics I was DC all the way. As movies/series goes, I've seen pretty bad and pretty good from both, so hard to say. Avengers is absolute crap though.