Hello from an eager beginner

Just need to motivate myself to lose some weight. "Me time" is sparse but when I get some I play ring fit adventure and it kicks my *kitten* every day. My problem is food. Portion control mostly.


  • adreid113
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    yes, portion control is so different. But i am sticking to it until it starts to feel natural and I can start not measuring again, lol.
  • candysashab88
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    Same issue and add some emotional eating and mindless snacking for me
  • vantutt
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    I’m the same. Emotional eater and just snack without even realising I’m doing it 🤦🏼‍♀️
  • goal06082021
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    I love Ring Fit!

    I've found meal prepping and logging my food in advance makes it much easier to control snacking and stay within my budget. I can prepare breakfast and lunch for the week on the weekends and pre-log those, so I know what I have to work with for dinner/dessert/snacks for the day. I'll even pre-log and plan for treats like an ice cream bar for dessert, or a beer with dinner, so those are already in my diary and I know I can enjoy them without worrying about going over my calories for the day. And then when the snack gremlin rears its ugly head I can say, do I really need this right now? No, I want to have my ice cream later, so I'll put this back. Or sometimes it's, hey, I have 150 calories to play with today still, I can have this right now.