Started back after a long break 😄

Hello everyone!! My name is Rosa - started a weight loss challenge this week!
Anybody else doing this?


  • AnnPT77
    AnnPT77 Posts: 26,201 Member
    Hi, Rosa, and welcome!

    No, I'm not doing a weight loss challenge. (I'm hanging around here maintaining a healthy weight after using MFP to reach a healthy weight a few years back, after previous decades of overweight/obesity).

    What kind of challenge are you doing? Is it at your workplace, gym, something like that? I'll bet MFP can help.

    Wishing you success!
  • krjohnson1292
    krjohnson1292 Posts: 36 Member
    Hi Rosa,I started out the year committing to the 75 day challenge but couldn’t stick with it. About a week ago I decided I needed to make a lifestyle change and have been slacking on workouts and healthier eating habits since. I recommend you check out Dr. Joe Dispenza, he’s a neuroscientist that goes into great detail about reprogramming your mind.