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Les Mills anyone??



  • daphnemoondaphnemoon Member Posts: 254 Member Member Posts: 254 Member
    Love love love Les Mills!

    I did Insanity recently and whilst the fitness it gave me was incredible, giving up LM classes (well kind of, I still did occasional Combat) was just too much of a sacrifice.

    I do pretty much all the classes apart from Step and GRIT...however my new favourite is Sh'bam. There is so much jumping in it that you can get a surprisingly full on workout. If you really go for it you can burn lots of calories, in the past I have burned 540 in 45 minutes of Sh'bam when I was going hell for leather (and I'm pretty fit) and that is the same amount i would burn in Combat and some releases of Attack in the same time. And you definitely don't feel like you are working out at Sh'bam.

    So to add to the other variables people have mentioned above, the calorie burn will also differ greatly depending on which release you are doing. For instance Body Pump 79 had me burning around 500 cals per hour, whereas other releases which weren't quite so intense overall may only register 250 cals.
  • leigh0416leigh0416 Member Posts: 29 Member Posts: 29
    I do Les Mills Combat and Pump, the DVD home versions and I use a Bodybugg to track mine. The hour long Combat workouts I burn anywhere from 450-600. The hour long Pump workouts are around 250, but I am not lifting to my goal weight as I am not quite there yet! It wouldn't surprise me that you could burn a higher number doing a live class, as you may be motivated by the people around you and the instructors in class, whereas at home you have to just tough it out yourself...and also, the variation you're getting in that class setting as opposed to at home helps! I wish there was a Les Mills class in my town, I would love it!
  • tlucas33tlucas33 Member Posts: 1 Member Member Posts: 1 Member
    I thought I was burning 400 calories in 45 minute class of body combat but I wore a heart rate monitor today and it told me I only burn 250 calories in 45 minutes but I'm still gonna do combat because I love it I was just really shocked! I work at high intensity, sweat a lot, and face is super red just as an fyi about my intensity level
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