Lost 30



  • charmmeth
    charmmeth Posts: 936 Member
    Your photos show amazing progress, and they also help me to see what I have achieved myself. (It's so strange how it is easier to recognise other people's progress.)
  • pabmac
    pabmac Posts: 53 Member
    Congratulations, looks like you’ve been working hard!
  • Fancygirl76
    Fancygirl76 Posts: 14 Member
    You are awesome and inspiring. Thank you for sharing!
  • JRugg1946
    JRugg1946 Posts: 58 Member
    Wow, you look great!
  • KelBlundell
    KelBlundell Posts: 47 Member
    You're amazing, well done!
  • sklarbodds
    sklarbodds Posts: 608 Member
    DANG Way to go!