Bring on Summer… and Your Stories!



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    I am entering into a very busy season-we have gatherings every weekend for the next 5 weeks, (numerous cookouts/family reunions, a family wedding/we're hosting the pre-wedding get together etc etc). On top of that we're in the middle of a complete kitchen remodel, I have chaos on top of chaos over here right now :p

    I re-joined MFP a few weeks ago to get rid of some 'covid-creep,' and to get back into my maintenance weight range. I'm discovering though that I'm just too overwhelmed with everything going on right now to focus on food prep, using a food scale etc. After an initial weight 'whoosh' I'm now creeping back up. Frustrating, but I know this is because I just don't have the time/mental energy to make weight loss a priority right now. BUT, even if I don't lose weight right now, I cannot continue to gain! So, I'm going into a short period of mindful maintenance, and I'm going to be supplementing with meal replacement shakes (ensure, slimfast etc), to keep calories in track. This should work well with all the get togethers/social gatherings/eating out I have coming up.

    My goal/hope for the next few weeks is to just maintain where I'm at, and then after things calm down (in mid-July), I can then re-focus and start working on losing the weight creep.

  • BAnttila
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    I always look forward to summer as I live in an area where 200 inches of snow a season is considered a slow year 😬. I broke my ankle cross country skiing in March so I am celebrating being back to weight bearing on my ankle for 5 weeks now. I still have some issues/pain but I've started getting back to walking the back roads and local streets to try to get my foot and ankle working right again. I will be gardening and helping make the winter firewood. I am looking forward to getting back in a kayak too!

    I had SparkPeople through my work but I don't know if they'll keep the subscription with the changes to that company. I plan on finally using MyFitnessPal to log my food and I've downloaded the MapMyFitness app and linked it with MyFitnessPal to try to keep myself on track. I've lost around 25lbs since spring 2019 and hope after a long plateau to be able to continue losing while healing this summer. ☀️🤞
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    Last year was tough for me, though it shouldn't have been because I retired from my job. Covid came upon us, so I wasn't able to go places and travel.... I stayed home and cooked! Bad idea. A 15 lb gain since January 2020, bad again. The gym has re-opened, so I'm there 3 times a week, and the weather is good for walking and yard work. Besides that, I'm logging my calories again - the only way I could lose weight in the past. It's a chore I know, but it keeps me from underestimating what I've eaten. Good luck everyone, and have a great summer.
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    Leaving soon for a remote, off-grid (no communication) bush camp. Will be lots of physical work-and play. Will continue CICO. Goal will be that when I check back in later I am still on a downward and healthier status. Working in the outdoors can really increase your appetite, so hopefully I can resist second helpings! Wonder if the phone app works off grid, will find out!
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    I am hoping to have lost a little weight and built up my upper body (muscles) a bit by the time next summer rolls around in 6 months time.
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    How are you feeling about the summer? I normally dread summer just because of how uncomfortable the heat makes me, along with wearing less layers because I am extremely self conscious on how I look.
    What will you do to stay on track and accountable while enjoying the season? Continue to use Myfitnesspal post my exercises, food, and water intake, I am currently on day 11 and its getting easier to remember to track everything. I also have an apple watch and apple tv, which is definitely helping me encourage myself to work out when I am at home doing nothing.
    Big or small, what victory are you celebrating? I am celebrating my motivation to better myself. I used to see that as a small victory but it actually is a huge victory to celebrate because it all comes down to pushing yourself to get things done. Being healthier starts with pushing yourself to be better, and make better choices.

    I am overall excited to see what the next 6 months brings me, my goal is to keep pushing and going forward.
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    Mewbacca17 wrote: »
    1) How are you feeling about the summer?
    2) What will you do to stay on track and accountable while enjoying the season?
    3) Big or small, what victory are you celebrating?
    1) I'm feeling good about summer, as usual, partly because I like the afternoons in summer for gardening. I can go out at 5 pm when it is cool, and work until 6:30 pm when it starts getting too dark. I enjoy the activity when the hotness of the day has subsided.
    2) It is easier to stay on track when not being able to hide behind layers of winter clothes. When getting dressed each day in summer, the "light clothes" is a daily "reality check" to keep focused.
    3) Each day brings some sort of victory, even if it is re-learning an old lesson (such as, late night snacks can add unwanted calories, or, those sweet coffee drinks have extra high calories).

  • sanderbj
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    I have been doing the meal replacement/protein shake program through Sanford. I lost 25 lbs and bouncing around 3 lbs for the last 3 months. I have recently taken up Pickle Ball through a city rec program for Seniors 55+. Also just got back to Yoga. I refuse to do Yoga wearing a mask. The pandemic almost killed my will to live. I am prone to depression and lack of activity and interaction was devastating. Hopefully with the extra activity, I can move that needle another 10 or 15 lbs. I used to run 5/10 K and perhaps I will look into doing that again as well. So much promise and potential; just need determination and strong will.
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    Taking it easy... Today is the first day of summer break. I don't want to think about school until August!
  • imustloseit1
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    My inspiration to lose is finding out I weigh more than my hubby who is almost a foot taller than I am. Got to take this seriously.
  • DiscipleOfChrist29
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    How are you feeling about the summer? :neutral: Well, it's winter here in Australia but I think I'll be good by next summer if I stick to my plan of eating right and moving more. So I'm feeling rather optimistic. I am planning on becoming a police officer so I need to get in shape to pass the fitness requirement. I'm glad I have another goal besides just looking good because that's not enough to make me pass up all the tasty food I see.

    What will you do to stay on track and accountable while enjoying the season? :blush: I weigh and track everything even when I'm over by 2000 calories for that day. I will try to drink more water.

    Big or small, what victory are you celebrating? :smiley: I'm celebrating starting a new job. I got the client to sit through the majority of the capacity building session. So that was awesome.
  • spectrumsupreme
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    Over the last year I gained 23 lbs due to being in the house with Covid, sitting at a computer all day long teaching, and stress eating! I’m in my second week of Summer vacation and am struggling with motivation to lose the 23 lbs. I have joined a online YouTube group and I am starting to log my food and weigh it. I plan to get back to exercising 3 days a week to start. Any suggestions?
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    I'm Jean and I just signed up with myfitnesspal. I am looking forward to a summer where I can go out and not worry about getting COVID. I am looking forward to visiting my daughter and my grandson, and my son-in-law. I need to get back on track starting with my weekly trip to the supermarket tomorrow. I have lost about 60 pounds, but still have a long way to go. I am having a tough time these past couple of months. I hope to use this summer to get and stay motivated, created new habits, and love myself.