Noticing weird bits of bone and a question.

Hi everyone! So, I've been back at losing weight since about October, but have ramped up everything since May. Right now, I'm 5'7 and 257 lbs (down from 280). I lift weights 2x a week, run 2x a week, and swim laps 2x a week, plus bicycle and walk quite a bit. I'm dropping a lot of inches, but my weight has been pretty steady for over a month.

What's strange though, is that I'm starting to notice random little indents and things. Like, I can see my collarbones, my cheekbones, and I have small dimples in my elbows where they've become more defined. I still have a long way to go, but I was surprised that I'm seeing those kinds of results this early. So, I was curious, when did you start noticing this kind of thing? Should I be more concerned about losing inches but not really losing weight?


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    Everyone is different, we all lose from different spots first. But congrats on all these little signs that your weight is going down!! It's all motivation in my mind. I've lost about 15 lbs but I've noticed that my waist has shrunk a bit, and my rings have gotten looser
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    I measure both, and one reason I like to is because they do not always go down at the same time. Water retention can affect scale movement, and water retention can be affected by a lot of different factors. You might get a weigh in sometime soon where suddenly there's a big drop. Similarly, I've had weeks where I lost weight on the scale but not been able to measure a difference. But there's also some wiggle room with how I hold the tape, the specific areas I'm measuring (I measure several spots on my arms and legs in addition to my torso), and if you build muscle in one area the increased mass there might make it harder to detect fat loss strictly from a measurement perspective, even if it feels and looks different under the skin. And sometimes I seem to "whoosh" with those measurements too.

    My preference, subject to change, is that I weigh weekly and measure every other week.

    One thing I noticed as I started to lose weight was that I have very nice hands. I never thought to even look at something like that before. They aren't small even without excess fat, but I have nicely shaped fingers and wrists. Pretty cool.
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    I LOVE seeing changes like that! I keep a memo on my computer and write them all down so on the days I don't see progress on the scale or feel like I'm not getting ahead I stop and read that memo and see that, yes, I am making progress.
    Congrats on your "Dents"
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    those 'non scale' victories are often the things that keep many (myself included!) going when the scale doesnt want to cooperate!

    way to go!
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    It's different for everyone 😊 I am in the middle of a healthy BMI and have quite a bit of fat in certain areas and yet I can see my rib cage between my breasts (creepy), my spine protrudes a lot, my neck looks skinny,... 🤷🏻‍♀️