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Anyone lost 100lbs without loose skin?

Freyhb Posts: 28 Member
Hey guys,
I've started my weight loss journey and I'm prepared to have loose skin as my weight comes off.
My stats are:
Female, 5'2, SW: 236lbs, GW: 130 lbs
I'm prepared to have lose skin because even now with all this weight I have two droopy fat rolls on my stomach and saggy boobs but I'm still hoping to hear of some experienced where there was minimal loose skin.

Would love to hear of your experiences.



  • aeborowski
    aeborowski Posts: 55 Member
    I'm starting with just about the same numbers, and I'm terrified of ending up with lots of loose skin. I know it's going to happen, but would also like to hear other experiences.
  • TallGent66
    TallGent66 Posts: 84 Member
    edited July 7
    Freyhb wrote: »
    ... saggy boobs but I'm still hoping to hear of some experienced where there was minimal loose skin.

    Would love to hear of your experiences.


    I'm currently combining Intermittent Fasting w a Keto approach. The top "IF" doctors claim much loose skin, old cells, old mitochondria, etc. can be reused / recycled if you enter a physiological state called 'atophogy' - which can happen through fasting.

    Dr. Berg has hundreds of videos on YouTube. Most videos typically 3 - 10 minutes. IF can be 12 hours, 16 hours, 24 hours, or more. I'm doing OMAD now (one meal a day). There are legal cheat foods... cruciferous veggies, tea, coffee (no sugar), etc.

    Dr. Jason Fung another early proponent of intermittent fasting, his videos are longer, comparisons to the Caveman, etc. (We were designed to burn fat first, and muscle as a last resort.)

    Here is one video that explains the high level- different levels of fasting, and some of the incredible benefits. (I'm currently eating one meal per day. For beginners, there is also a video for IF Basics.)

  • LittleLightShine
    LittleLightShine Posts: 124 Member
    I"m also a fan of fasting and believe it's helped with the loose skin. It's the primary reason I got into fasting.
  • Maryb2362
    Maryb2362 Posts: 7 Member
    I'm 65 and started at almost the same point (5'2", SW 233#, CW 180#, GW 130#). I'm at that floppy stage though, at my age, I may stay floppy but that is okay because I'll still be so much healthier. I'm already so much healthier! But, yes, I would love to not have a bunch of extra skin. Interesting about IF helping reduce excess skin; I'll have to read up on that.
  • yweight2020
    yweight2020 Posts: 573 Member
    I've loss 51 lbs and 27 lbs to go and my inner thigh skin is getting lose and jiggly and the rest of me is jiggly on this transition as well, here's to hoping exercise and time will help with that especially once reaching goal and beyond.
  • ReadingHealthy
    ReadingHealthy Posts: 5 Member
    I lost 130 pounds in 2012-2013, and I have loose skin. While it can be annoying, I would rather have the loose skin than have the fat.