I am struggling to stay motivated when the number on the scale hardly moves. What do you guys do to keep motivated and focused?


  • MargaretYakoda
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    Keep on keeping on.
    Measure other things. Waist. Upper arm circumference. Are your clothes looser?

    And of that isn’t encouraging enough? Keep going.

    That’s the biggest secret.

    Others will have some ideas on how to maybe shake things up. But keep going.
  • callsitlikeiseeit
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    this is a long game and results are not instant. there are days, weeks, months where the scale does not move much, if at all.

    times like that are where you have to use other factors to gauge progress. measurements. endurance. non scale victories. are measurements smaller? clothing looser? are you exercising longer? lifting heavier?

    is your food tracking accurate? weighing food on a SCALE? to the GRAM? not eyeballing or guesstimating? weighing everything? if you are eating back exercise calories, how are you calculating those and how much of them are you eating back?

    in the end, patience, is the name of the game.
  • jessykab74
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    It is so frustrating when that scale doesn't move. I would measure yourself as well. I have had the scale barely move but I lost several inches. I also go by how much better I feel mentally! If you are anything like me it is about 2-3 months in before I really start to notice that I am losing weight! Don't give up!
  • danielle_torres
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    Thank you all for the encouragement to keep pushing through! I’ve done it before I can do it again!

    And yes I need to focus on those other changes. I will start measuring myself. I feel better physically, more energy, less bloated, healthy overall so that’s all some kind of progress!
  • granitepeak45
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    @danielle_torres motivation is such a tricky slippery little bugger to nail down. When I last found success, and the elements I’m working on rebuilding are; consistency and accountability to myself. Motivation comes and goes. We need to find that strength to be accountable to ourselves and to be consistent with our vision. Change the lifestyle and change the mindset.
  • danielle_torres
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    @granitepeak45 that’s a great way to look at it. You’re right motivation isn’t consistent so we have to stay focused on our goals.