200 calorie meals

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Anyone have any recipes for 200 calorie meals?


  • miss80z28
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    Overnight oats are pretty filling, and can be low calorie - you just have to be careful what recipes you use. The really yummy looking ones can be 500cals+ (I'm looking at you Pinterest!).
    I like 1/2C oats 1C unsweetened almond milk 2Tbps low fat vanilla greek yogurt handful of blueberries 1tsp maple syrup. Mix and let it sit in the fridge overnight and it's good for the next day. It's about 200cals.
    Search "overnight oats" and you'll get lots more recipes :)
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    Also, a really filling one is 1/2 cup lowfat cottage cheese (80 or 90) with 2 cups of watermelon. A little bit under 200. You could use strawberries too instead of watermelon, basically the same number of calories.
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    Not really a meal to me either, but this website can generate some ideas. Put in 200 calories and 1 meal.


    It looks like, for lunch & dinner ideas you will need to bump up the calories.
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    Envy apple sliced, 3/4 cup nonfat greek yogurt and a 1/2 cup blackberries.
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    Couple boiled eggs and some berries. Not really something I would consider a meal though...but I do similar for a breakfast snack.
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    I make a pan of this mixture and freeze it in 1/2 cup plastic containers. I usually have two of them for 252 calories total. They're great if you spread the mixture on Ole Xtreme Wellness Wrap totillas and air fry 5 minutes so they get crispy. (Sort of like a taco)

  • patshipp5
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    I also make a lower calorie knockoff of Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers. I just tried remaking this one today using diced canned potatoes instead of cooking and dicing up fresh ones.
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    chicken breast baked or sauteed with fresh sauteed spinach seasoned to your liking.
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    I forgot to mention, if you don't want to cook, you can have a good portion of pretty much any cereal if you just swap cow milk for almond or cashew.
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    Try mixing 1 egg with a half grated zucchini and a palm of low fat grated cheese. Below you have the link to my easy recipe but it has twice as much eggs and zucchini. Cut those 2 in half and you'll reach your 200 calories.
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    Egg white and asparagus. 170. I bake 1/4c white with two stalks, in a muffin pan. Sub any veggie, eat 2!
  • There's probably a good few soup recipes in the ~200 calorie range, you've not real said which mealtime your looking for. Breakfast i would go with a couple of veggie sausages with mushrooms, spinach and baby tomatoes. if you were aiming for 300 i'd add a poached egg. Otherwise salads are going to need make up the bulk i suspect